Irish Magician Keith Barry on HufPost

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Richard Kaufman
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Irish Magician Keith Barry on HufPost

Postby Richard Kaufman » August 9th, 2013, 1:11 pm

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Steve Hook
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Re: Irish Magician Keith Barry on HufPost

Postby Steve Hook » August 9th, 2013, 4:34 pm

Pro presentations, no doubt.

On to the TEDtalk: Besides Keith being the victim of a camera angle worse than anything anyone has ever had to endure on Letterman, the long-haired volunteer's acting was disappointingly bad. (And no, he wasn't Greg Eanes from Charlotte!)

Otherwise, I found it very entertaining, especially the spike routine, which created a lot of tension.

But...the gold to be mined here (well, for me anyhow) wasn't the excellent performance but the comments at the end of both the Huff Post article and the original TEDtalk page, which is at should you want to look.

I'll pick a few that stood out for me but everyone will mine their own subjective gold:

1) It's interesting how people are driven to post that they know how something works. That one always gets me, since the poster and his audience are strangers. Talk about a vacuous payoff.

2) Interesting, too, to read the casual comment about finding magic methods posted on YouTube.

3) And one person commented that Keith's show was baloney because, if it all was real, we could be using mind powers and hypnotism to accomplish bigger and better things. (That's my positive spin on his actually negative comment.) This concept is related, of course, to the problem mentalists have with predictions, as in "Why don't you win the lottery?" and "Why didn't you prevent that plane crash?"

So, thanks for posting this, Richard. Good entertainment AND food for thought.

- Steve H

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