Magic Mob! (Please read)

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Magic Mob! (Please read)

Postby Rick Maue » July 21st, 2013, 3:20 pm


I have always loved independent businesses. Especially locally owned/operated retail shops and restaurants. Bookstores. Butcher shops. Gift shops. Clothing stores. Coffee shops. Diners. Pizza joints. Music stores. And, of course, magic shops.

Much of my heart was born, raised, and still exists, in small local establishments. But sadly, many of those independent businesses are being driven away by large corporate chains, and more seriously, by internet discounters.

Yes, I understand that things change. And, I realize that I can’t save the world (but I’m never going to let my heart know that). However, I can certainly let the independent shop owners know that some of us truly care about them, and that we appreciate all that they have done for us. And, all that they will continue to do.

With all of that said, allow me to officially invite you to our second MAGIC MOB! on Sunday, July 28th. In short, that afternoon, around 2:30, a group of caring magicians/mentalists will descend on both Denny & Lee Magic Studios (one in Baltimore and one in Las Vegas) to celebrate. Each member of our group will pledge to spend a MINIMUM of $25.00 during their visit. By doing so, we will all be saying “Thank You” to Denny for decades of great service, as well as for his unmatched friendship to performers from all around the globe.

And for those that find it impossible to visit either Baltimore or Las Vegas, you can participate by placing an order through the Denny & Lee website. (But we really prefer to see your smiling faces.)

Just a quick bit of background information: In March of this year, I put together the very first Magic Mob! for the Cuckoo’s Nest in Pittsburgh, and our event was the highest day of sales in the Nest’s 37-year history. You can read all about that day in the April 2013 issue of MAGIC MAGAZINE, or you can see what the Pittsburgh Post Gazette had to say about it here:

PLEASE NOTE: It is also VERY important for you to know that Denny had NOTHING at all to do with the planning of this event. (In truth, I had to twist his arm a bit to get him to go along with it.) This is a grassroots effort to show our gratitude to someone that is very important to so many magicians and mentalists from all around the world, and we hope that you feel as strongly about Denny as we do.

Even if you are not a magician or mentalist, please consider dropping in and making a purchase. It can be a gift for a friend or family member, or it can be your chance to try something new. Or, it could simply be a show of support for one of the oldest, most respected magic shops in the country.

If you plan to be there, please let us know. And please, pass this information along to every magician and/or mentalist that you know, especially if they are near Baltimore or Las Vegas. We can be reached here with any questions or comments:

A Facebook page has also been created for the event, and so you can find more information by clicking here:

So please join us on Sunday, July 28th. I’ll be Baltimore (and we’ll be calling out to the Vegas shop), and I hope to see a bunch of you.

Thanks very much.

Keep the change,
Rick Maue
Magic Mob! Founder

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