The Wait is Over!

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The Wait is Over!

Postby Magicana » February 12th, 2013, 3:36 pm

--for 184 that is! The latest issue of Magicol is at the printers. We hope to have it in the mail by next week.

We devote this forthcoming issue, No. 184, to magic personalities. As David Ben writes,[some are] always standing front and centre, some who should have been, and some who clearly preferred to remain behind the scenes.

Drawing from his presentation in May 2012 from the 43 MCW, John Cox, of Wild About Harry, presents an overview of one of magics seldom-seen treasures, Houdinis Guest Book from 278 W. 113th Street. Filled with signatures from 1919 to well beyond Houdinis death to1952, the book shares its own tale travelling from home to home and owner to owner. John does a beautiful job highlighting some of the more famous and arcane visitors.

Next, read about Bill Spooners adventure on Remembering Rex Slocombe a Torontonian who is consistently referred to as one of magics funniest magicians. In this article, Bill introduces us to Slocombe and documents his exhaustive search for Slocombes Banana Stalk Act, which was recalled as being the most hilarious act the author had ever seen. Fighting words! But, does he find the elusive routine? No. 184 reveals all.

If you want to read more about what 184 holds for you, click here:

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