More EMC speakers announced

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More EMC speakers announced

Postby MickNZ » June 24th, 2012, 4:19 am

From Luis de Matos :

Five more headliners announce this week to join the very growing list of high profile magicians for this year's EMC.

David Britland
David Britland is a television writer and consultant specializing in magic and deception. He co-created The Real Hustle and has worked on many British television shows including Secret Cabaret, Max Maven's Mind Games and Derren Brown's specials. He is also the author of several books on magic including Phantoms of the Card Table, Chan Canasta a Remarkable Man and The Mind & Magic of David Berglas.

Debbie McGee
Debbie McGee is the wife and stage assistant of Paul Daniels and as famous in the UK as Paul himself. "The lovely Debbie McGee" is a national catchphrase and Debbie frequently appears in the media as well as presenting her own radio show. But behind the glamour of the magician's assistant is a secret weapon, an indispensible part of the act and deception. We are very pleased that Debbie will be sharing some of her secrets at the Essential Magic Conference.

Luis de Matos
Luis de Matos is a professional magician in Portugal and creator of Studio 33, the facility that hosts this web conference. He, along with David Britland and Marco Tempest, created The Essential Magic Conference. He has been appearing on Portuguese television since 1990, his latest series being the 13 x 1 hour show Mist rios. A truly multi-skilled and multi-talented performer, Luis is currently touring Portugal with his highly acclaimed one-man show, Chaos.

Tina Lenert
Tina Lenert is renowned for her awarding combination of magic and mime. Her famous Mopman act has taken her around the world as a professional magician and helped win her the Academy of Magical Arts Stage Magician of the Year award. Before becoming a magician she performed in a rock band, played classical guitar and worked as a street entertainer. Join us at EMC to share the wealth of experience of one of the world's top performers, the wonderful Tina Lenert.

William Kalush
William Kalush is a lifelong student of sleight of hand and the history of magic. He is the founder of the Conjuring Arts Research Center in New York and the co-author, with Larry loman, of The Secret Life of Houdini. He created the Ask Alexander database, an online research facility that is surely one of the most important ideas in magic where, finally, our knowledge can be gathered, indexed and shared. Join Bill and the rest of magic's stars at EMC.

Join us on the 27th, 28th and 29th of July for the third and
final event in the Essential Magic Conference Trilogy. The
Essential Magic Conference is the world's first digital
conference for magic and magicians. 33 magicians, 3 days of

Watch live via the Internet. View on your computer, your iPad or even your iPhone. Watch all sessions online and on-demand for one year. And receive an 8 DVD Box Set of all the sessions once the conference is over. DVDs mailed post free to anywhere in the world.

Conference speakers already announced are:
Armando Lucero (United States)
Bill Malone (United States)
Chris Kenner (United States)
Dani DaOrtiz (Spain)
Daniel Madison (United Kingdom)
David Williamson (United States)
Denis Behr (Germany)
Eberhard Riese (Germany)
Eric Mead (United States)
Gaetan Bloom (France)
Graham Jolley (United Kingdom)
Guy Hollingworth (United Kingdom)
Luis Piedrahita (Spain)
Graham Jolley (United Kingdom)
Guy Hollingworth (United Kingdom)
Luis Piedrahita (Spain)
Marco Tempest (United States)
Max Maven (United States)
Michel Clavello (Argentina)
Norberto Jansenson (Argentina)
Paul Daniels (United Kingdom)
Paul Harris (United States)
Richard Wiseman (United Kingdom)
Steve Cohen (United States)
Tom Stone (Sweden)
Topas (Germany)
Woody Aragon (Spain)
Yann Frisch (France)
Yigal Mesika (Israel)

Last 3 headliner names to be announced next week..

Register to attend today - access passes are limited. Register now! By going to:

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Re: More EMC speakers announced

Postby mrgoat » June 24th, 2012, 5:49 am

That works out at $3 per magician lecturing. And it is magicians like that, well, what a bargain.

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Re: More EMC speakers announced

Postby Jonathanrian » June 26th, 2012, 12:27 am

I agree, Mrgoat, I've so enjoyed the past several EMC's, and this year looks to be extraordinary!
~ Jonathan

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