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Norm Barnhart Lecture

Posted: March 12th, 2012, 5:53 pm
by Paul Amerson
Yesterday, Norm Barnhart lectured in San Antonio. What a great experience! I usually figure if I get one new idea, the lecture is worthwhile. In this lecture, I learned enough new, practical, easy to perform effects that I could honestly build a new act. In addition to his tips on how to improve your performance, Norm teaches stuff that family show performers will use immediately. His lecture notes were free! Unlike many lectures, this was not a dealer show. He did have a few of the items he showed, but most of what he performed uses stuff we already own or stuff that is easy to get at a variety store. If Norm comes into your area, go see him! If you book for conventions, this guy is a terrific act. He also did a silent act for us in a character influenced by Charlie Chaplin or Red Skelton. Some of our members commented that this part of the lecture was worth attending just for this.