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Re: Tenyo Tricks for 2012--HOLY CRAP!

Posted: October 31st, 2011, 12:49 pm
by Don Hendrix
They estimated about a week for the items to get here. I'll let you know how long it really takes.

Re: Tenyo Tricks for 2012--HOLY CRAP!

Posted: October 31st, 2011, 8:47 pm
by Henley
Rakuten's an online shop--Anyway, I just got an email telling me they're being shipped today.
I was in Tokyo over the weekend but since I'd already ordered online I didn't go looking for them. Waiting patiently...

Re: Tenyo Tricks for 2012--HOLY CRAP!

Posted: October 31st, 2011, 11:49 pm
by MattSchick
I placed my order using the eBay links that Richard provided above and not only was my order shipped in a few hours, but he also refunded me $2 since he was able to combine the shipping of the two tricks. Simply put, I'm impressed and I highly recommend his eBay store.

Re: Tenyo Tricks for 2012--HOLY CRAP!

Posted: November 2nd, 2011, 6:03 am
by Henley
I got everything yesterday. Some great stuff!

Re: Tenyo Tricks for 2012--HOLY CRAP!

Posted: November 5th, 2011, 1:40 am
by Richard Kaufman
Magico-japan is now offering the Flying Carpet for $41, which is almost exactly the retail price: ... 2eb8dfdc8a

I performed it this evening for two friends. It got a great reaction: they both gasped and laughed when I "stepped up" onto the floating carpet. It's really fun.

Re: Tenyo Tricks for 2012--HOLY CRAP!

Posted: November 7th, 2011, 6:03 pm
by Steve Bryant
Wooooo. The Flying Carpet just sailed into Indiana. I've no idea what is going on, but it sure looks cool.

Re: Tenyo Tricks for 2012--HOLY CRAP!

Posted: November 7th, 2011, 6:40 pm
by Richard Kaufman
Steve, you should be able to do it in five minutes. Just read the instructions. Make sure to construct the little box that goes on the side and put the carpet on top. That's the proper starting position for performance.

Re: Tenyo Tricks for 2012--HOLY CRAP!

Posted: November 7th, 2011, 6:54 pm
by Steve Bryant
Thanks. I was unclear. It works fine. I just don't know HOW it works. It is amazing.

Re: Tenyo Tricks for 2012--HOLY CRAP!

Posted: November 7th, 2011, 8:14 pm
by Richard Kaufman
ChromaDepth techology. It's 3D without the duplicated imagery usually required. Lubor figured out that he could use objects instead of just images.

Re: Tenyo Tricks for 2012--HOLY CRAP!

Posted: November 7th, 2011, 8:53 pm
by Jonathan Townsend
You just know folks are going to start placing cards/coins under there

Re: Tenyo Tricks for 2012--HOLY CRAP!

Posted: November 7th, 2011, 9:11 pm
by Richard Kaufman
Doesn't work that way.

Re: Tenyo Tricks for 2012--HOLY CRAP!

Posted: November 7th, 2011, 9:49 pm
by John Signa
American Paper Optics makes the glasses (same company made the glasses for the trick where spectator would see the two of hearts when looking at a flashlight). The same type of glasses are used in "3-D" haunted houses ... Lots of fluorescent images/patterns painted on walls. The flying carpet seems to be very similar (but taken to a different level) to a room at one attraction few years back where a room had the floor had red "stepping stones" crossing a sea of splattered blue dots.

If you have the glasses, there's a gallery on A.P.O.'s website at the Chromadepth web site.

Re: Tenyo Tricks for 2012--HOLY CRAP!

Posted: November 7th, 2011, 10:34 pm
by John Signa
Sorry, messed up the link. should be ChromaDepth website

Re: Tenyo Tricks for 2012--HOLY CRAP!

Posted: November 7th, 2011, 11:52 pm
by Don Hendrix
The Tenyo items that I ordered from Japan took exactly one week to arrive, and they only charged me $10 for shipping. That was for the Third Eye an Dice Stack. Shipping for the magic carpet was more. They were packed nicely and sent via air mail. The box arrived in pristine condition. Included were nicely illustrated instructions in English.

Re: Tenyo Tricks for 2012--HOLY CRAP!

Posted: November 8th, 2011, 12:54 am
by Richard Kaufman
Don, we'll have Tenyo's official video demo of all three tricks in the digital edition of the December issue, which should be live by the middle of November. I may even do them myself in "More Genii Speaks."

Re: Tenyo Tricks for 2012--HOLY CRAP!

Posted: November 8th, 2011, 12:19 pm
by Jonathan Townsend
Richard Kaufman wrote:Doesn't work that way. for the depth and sleight of hand for the item loads.

Was kinda hoping there'd be some up/down shift control.

Re: Tenyo Tricks for 2012--HOLY CRAP!

Posted: November 11th, 2011, 8:56 pm
by tristanmagic
I can't wait for the new tenyo's to arrive (especially the items that Richard recommended ;-) )

Re: Tenyo Tricks for 2012--HOLY CRAP!

Posted: November 13th, 2011, 6:32 am
by Henley
It really looks great when you bend down, grab the base mat with your hands and move it around under the "flying" carpet.

Re: Tenyo Tricks for 2012--HOLY CRAP!

Posted: November 13th, 2011, 7:14 pm
by Angelo Carbone
I am looking forward to playing with the new Tenyo and am equally looking forward to the creativity talk on Friday. See you guys there... well those that are attending :-)


Re: Tenyo Tricks for 2012--HOLY CRAP!

Posted: November 19th, 2011, 9:50 pm
by Joe Mckay
Well - to follow up on some of the earlier posts. Here are my thoughts on the 'Creativity Lectures' which took place in London on Friday...

Anyway - the first lecture was by Mark Setteducati. It was very well put together. He covered alot of ground. And throughout his talk he talked about his career in the toy designing business. And along the way he showed about 10 different TV commercials for products he has created over the years. The commercials spanned back to the early 80's. So it was quite funny seeing how cheesy TV commercials were back then. Along with how annoying TV commercials were in the early 90's. Anyway - he spoke about how difficult the work can be since you need to continually be creating something 'new' and never before seen in order to attract the attention of the toy buyers who go to the toy conventions. You really need to be able to sum up in one sentence why your toy is different and interesting. And another factor is being limited in your designs by matters of price and skill level (the products should be simple enough for kids to be able to use first time). Anyway - alot of the products he invented has revolved around magic. And one of the products he put out was an excellent magic show in which a kid could interact with a character on a TV screen in order to carry out a magic show. It was very well done, and is the sort of thing which would still be effective today. Apparently when this was released on video a few years ago it was quite difficult to film and produce since it had to be timed in such a way as to leave the correct pauses. Whereas today - with DVDs and so on it would be much simpler to put together.

Mark also spoke about inventing new tricks, and stylising existing ones. He said that he couldn't expect us all to go home and invent something brand new. But he said we could all easily go home and vary/personalise a trick we already do. He demonstrated this with a card change box. Which he had changed (for a kids magic box) into a set of teeth which eat a piece of paper containing a meal. After the teeth 'chomp' the food - it is seen that the paper has changed into one in which all the food had being eaten. Apart from the peas. It seems the toy mouth doesn't like peas...

Along similar lines - Mark was in favour of the dozens and dozens of different and novel designs for playing cards which are being released these days. He feels this can allow us to make out magic more memorable and personable than when we were limited to Bicycle, Bee and Tally Ho cards that were available in any colour as long as it was red or blue.

He also spoke about how he collects novelty pens from all over the world since they act as useful metaphors for different 'solutions' to the same 'problem'. This was ground he covered in a fascinating MAGIC magazine article a few months ago. One of the interesting things he showed was how much cooler one pen was than another even though it had the exact same mechanism. The reason it was much cooler was because the mechanism operated at a much slower speed. Which helped add elegance and mystery to the movement which the other pen lacked. This showed that changing something simple (the speed at which a trick is done) can dramatically change the sense of an effect. But not only that - it also showed that even the smallest of things (which can easily be overlooked) can make a big difference. When the two pens were held up by Mark and demonstrated at the same time, the audience were vocal in their reaction that the slower pen was much more interesting and elegant than the faster one.

He commented on a pen he recently came across which looked like a giant screw. He said it was a favourite of his - not because the idea was particularly creative - but because it was executed so well. He then went on to say that the samll details that go into executing an idea can be as important as the idea itself. He then spoke about some of the small touches he had included in his 'The Magic Show' book which he feels help pull together the experience and make the book have more of an emotional impact.

There was also a slide showing the handmade Christmas cards that Mark has being making since the late 1970's. He posts a new one out each year to his friends and they are always unique in some way. Usually they can perform some kind of magic effect. He says he enjoys the challenge of inventing a new one each Christmas, and he feels that the act of physically making the cards by hand himself helps deepen his grasp of the concepts and ideas he is playing with. Looking over the slide he commented that the cards act as diary for some of the different ideas he has played with over the years. They also reminded him of the years when the designs were especially hard to come up with (apparently it has being easier for him in the past few years). And he mentioned how some of the designs were later used in his amazing book called 'The Magic Show'. Again - I recommend everyone check out the GENII magazine article on this book which came out about ten years ago. It contains many fascinating insights into this wonderful book.

Now - I forgot to say earlier that I was one of the first people to enter the theater - so I managed to get a seat right at the front. Anyway - the seat next to me was used alternately by Tom Stone and Mark Setteducati. Which was pretty neat...

Anyway - before Tom Stone's lecture - I saw him write a short list of about 6/7 items. And that formed the basis of what he wanted to chat about. His talk was pretty different to Mark's since it was just him on a chair chatting to the audience. Indeed - after the first minute or so he looked out into the audience and asked if there were any questions. So - this helped set the tone for his talk, which was just a charming back and forth with the audience about various ideas loosely based around 'creativity' (a term that Tom Stone doesn't like - because it makes 'creativity' seem more mysterious and strange than it really is).

The talk was really nice and really felt like an intimate coversation amongst 70/80 magicians. Almost like a magic session. Anyway - it really did feel like a relaxed conversation which I would happily have continued for the rest of the day. People were continually raising their hand and getting involved in the discussion. At one point I scratched my nose and Tom immediately looked to me for a question. I was sat at the front - but this still gives a sense of how Tom was really trying to create a relaxed and informal discussion. It was good fun and helped demonstrate how easily different ideas and perspectives can be generated, by something as simple as having a chat amongst people. Tom Stone is a creative guy himself - but I think he was trying to show that there is nothing 'special' about being creative. It is just a state of mind which you can willingly enter into. I should add that he is a very friendly guy as well...

Anyway - Tom has an impish sense of humour which was charming. And he was pretty frank about how depressed he gets about having to make a living in Sweden performing for drunk people at corporate events. Which he says he hates. Still - I felt really refreshed after his talk since he was trying to show how unmysterious being creative is. Indeed - he mentioned that he always carries a notebook and pen with him. Which makes practical sense. But more intriguingly - he said that the act of having a notebook with him channels his subconscious into coming up with ideas. Just having the notebook with him makes ideas pop into his head, in a way they do not if he is without his notebook. So - it acts as a nice prompt for coming up with ideas since it gives the subconscious an excuse for thinking about magic as opposed to just mulling over the weather or thinking about what to have for dinner. Also - Tom seemed to have a hard time at school. Maybe he was dyslexic - but the teachers used to say he was stupid. I am not sure how seriously they meant this. Or indeed how seriously Tom meant this. But it seems - that Tom decided at the age of 14 'not to be stupid' anymore. Which I think is his way of saying that he decided he would devote himself to being inventive and creative. And decide as well not to impose limits on his own creativity. Which is why he really does feel that anyone can do the same if they truly decide to do so. Anyway - I look forward to his new book which is out in the next few days...

After the lunch break - we had the Lubor Fiedler lecture...

Very exciting.

Lubor Fiedler gave a short performance of different effects he has being working on recently. Including one that he came up with that morning. Then after the short performance - we had another short break. One of the effects was of two necklaces looped around a neon stick. The necklaces and neon stick were all examinable. Yet - one of the necklaces (chosen by a spectator) was made to instantly (and visibly) penetrate the neon stick. I have no idea how it was done.

After the break - there was a long interview with Lubor Fiedler conducted by Mark Setteducati. Mark has being working on a book of Lubor's magic. So - he was able to hook up his laptop to the projector to show a bunch of photos and videos which extensively covered alot of Lubor's life. It seemed that alot of the material was taken from the upcoming book which will hopefully be released one day.

Anyway - in the introduction to the interview, Mark made an interesting point. He described Lubor as the greatest inventor in the history of magic (which he clearly is). He then went on to say - that most 'inventors' only manage to come up with different versions/stylings of principles which already exist. And that very few invent totally new and original principles (which can then be used as the foundation for new effects). Indeed - I think very few inventors ever manage to discover even one or two new principles in an entire lifetime. Anyway - Mark said that he believed that Lubor has discovered 70 new principles - and perhaps as many as a hundred during the 78 years of his life so far. Which is an astonishing thing to consider.

The interview toook us through Lubor's amazing life. He was raised in a middle class family (his dad worked in a bank) - but after WWII his family lost alot of money after the Communists (who were now in power) introduced a new currency. Later on Lubor was given a job by the state drilling for coal for 18 months before eventually ending up working in a chemical factory. Also - some events were spoken of (like how Lubor escaped to Vienna in order to escape communist Czechoslovakia) which I would have being interested to hear more about. For instance - Lubor left his wife and daughter behind in Czechoslovakia - and didn't see them again for 15 or so years. I am curious if this was common during the Cold War? Did alot of people decide it was better to escape Communism even if it meant leaving their family behind?

Anyway - when in Vienna, Lubor was selling magic tricks to the public (often quite simple ones) on the streets and at the entrances to supermarkets in order to make ends meet. I cannot imagine how difficult that must have being.

I should add that Lubor Fiedler does not follow magic or study the work of other magicians. I don't think this is out of any strict Jerry Andrus type philosophy of wanting to be as original as possible. More it just seems that Lubor is more interested in playing with the new ideas he comes up with each day as opposed to studying the work of others. Indeed he just seems to be forever spotting things in everyday life which could be twisted into a magic trick. He seems to be 'continually noticing' things (Mark had a better description for this which I have forgotten). Also - Lubor seems to return to the same principles over the years - and advances in technology (for instance Lubor's work with strange optical principles over the past 10 years - and now 3D glasses) allow Lubor to update ideas he has thought about in the past.

Also - it seems that alot of principles which get credited to others should really be credited to Lubor. But this is a complex area - since Lubor couldn't care less about getting credit for his amazing ideas. He is just like an eccentric grandfather who is too busy having fun working on something new to bother recording/publishing his latest discoveries. Which is really frustrating for fans such as myself and Mark Setteducati. And Lubor Fiedler's many fans throughout the world. As they looked over old tricks that Lubor used to perform professionally - Lubor found it hard to recall the details of what sound like fascinating and unusual effects. One that jumps to mind is some strange topological method for reorientating two identical banners with a word on it that he used to perform with his wife. Lubor casually passed over the trick - but since the trick didn't use any gimmicks it seems that Lubor had some intriguing topological method for the effect which had me hoping for more details. Indeed - as was mentioned in the lecture - one of the things which is so interesting and unusual about Lubor's work is the number of topological ideas and principles that he uses in his magic.

Anyway - Mark deserves alot of credit for not only trying to record alot of this unpublished work, but also for putting Lubor in touch with Tenyo magic in the mid-nineties. Until then - Lubor had done about 1800 children's magic shows over the previous decade. And was only able to spend about 20% of his time inventing new tricks. Whereas now - Lubor seems to be in a position to devote 100% of his time to inventing new concepts. And his work today is as exciting as anything he has done in the past - which is an amazing thing to consider since alot of people lose their creative skills as they get older. Also - Lubor mentions that he produces about 15/20 prototypes that he shows to Tenyo every 18 months. Of these Tenyo usually select 3 which they then try and release as a new Tenyo product. These demonstartions often take place at FISM and Mark said that the highlight of his life in magic has being witnessing these demonstrations. They have contained some of the most amazing magic he has ever seen. Wow - I can only imagine how wonderful and exciting these tricks must be to watch...

I have yet to see the latest tricks by Lubor Fiedler from the Tenyo 2012 range - but they look really good this year. I am particularly excited about the Self-Levitation that uses some kind of 3D glasses. Mark commented on this during the talk. He said that only Lubor Fiedler could take 3D glasses which are usually used to look at 2D images in order to make them look 3D - and instead use the 3D glasses to look at 3D objects to see what might happen. Which is how we ended up with the Self-Leviation put out out by Tenyo last month. Also - he mentioned that a box of magic effects will be released by 'Mr Creepy Magic' next year which uses the same 3D principle and extends it to a bunch of other exciting effects. So that is one to look out for.

Also - during the chat with Lubor Fiedler - Max Maven was in the audience and he chipped in with a funny Lubor Fiedler story about magicians burning themselves at a convention where Lubor was selling a chemical which enabled you to produce flames from your hands. We also saw video footage of Lubor Fiedler performing a trick in which a card is handed to a spectator to be torn. When they do so - the card bursts into flames. David Blaine visited Lubor Fiedler before his first TV special - and I think he used this effect in his show. Anyway - we were all relieved that Lubor didn't bring the chemicals with him to the lecture since it is more likely he would have ended up in jail rather than making it on to a plane.

During the talk - Lubor mentioned that he rarely hangs out with magicians. And only performs magic for his daughter and grand-daughter. Along with SKYPE sessions on the internet with people like Howie Schwartzman. Personally I was thrilled to meet this friendly and kind old man who just happens to be my biggest hero in magic. The guy is a genius and to able to meet him is an honour. For me it is like a physicist meeting Isaac Newton. Or a mathematician meeting Kurt Godel.

At the very end of the talk - the slide showed Lubor Fiedler's final wishes. Which was to be able to keep on thinking even after his death.

What an amazing man!

Anyway - thanks to everyone who put helped put together these lectures. I spoke to alot of magicians at the event - and all of the speakers, and they were all very kind and generous with their time. I enjoyed speaking to Max Maven about the '...principle of terrifying beauty', and I enjoyed chatting to Matthew Field as well (thanks for the magazine!). Also - Mark Setteducati gave me his ultra-cool business card which is really neat as well. As well as a little something else (thanks for that!). I chatted to Angelo Carbone as well which was great since he is another creative hero of mine as well. To be honest - it was quite hard being able to absorb the fact that I met all these amazing people.

Also - the event was filmed - so watch out to see if it gets released on DVD sometime soon. The day was put together by International Magic - and they tend to film and release most of the lectures they put on.


PS I have promised myself that I will start carrying out a notebook as a result of these talks. So these talks had a small impact on at least one attendee...

Re: Tenyo Tricks for 2012--HOLY CRAP!

Posted: November 20th, 2011, 1:18 am
by Richard Kaufman
Thanks for the great breakdown of the talks, Joe--wish I could have been there!

Re: Tenyo Tricks for 2012--HOLY CRAP!

Posted: November 20th, 2011, 8:41 am
by Joe Mckay
Cheers, Richard.

One other thing. A few years ago - Mark Setteducati gave Lubor Fiedler a WOW gimmick as a present. Anyway - at the lecture there was a video clip showing Lubor's handling for the WOW gimmick.

Snce the WOW gimmick is one of the most inventive magic tricks ever, it was fascinating seeing Lubor's take on it. Suffice to say it was astonishing.

Lubor has some kind of crazy method where he can apparently put a hole in the middle of the image of the card which the WOW gimmick shows. I can't remember much more than that, but it was nice seeing a brilliant mind at work on a brilliant trick.

Anyway - since Lubor doesn't follow the magic scene, it is unlikely he would have ever come across a WOW gimmick himself. So - Mark is to be thanked for helping Lubor create another piece of wonder.

Also - I am unsure what the crediting history is for the principle used in the WOW gimmick. But during the talk - Mark said it was another principle which could be traced back to Lubor's notebooks going back 40/50 years.

There was a slide showing pages from Lubor's notebooks and it was wonderful seeing so many strange diagrams and offbeat looking ideas.

One of the images was of two glasses of water next to each other. And behind the two glasses was a playing card resting horizontally.

Anyway - because of the set up the playing card was invisible behind the two glasses, due to the way light was bent ass it passed through the glasses.

I am unsure if this was the example that Tom meant when he talked about the principle behind the WOW gimmick, or if it was something else.

Lastly - before I forget - there was a lovely clip from a TV show that Lubor did. One of the tricks was on a lit candle which slowly bent over everytime Lubor blew a note from a paper cone he had.

Apparently the principle that Lubor had discovered was of a material which would move when a certain frequency of note was played.

Another one was of Lubor showing a playing card half-way dipped (and upright) in a large glass of water. He then squirted some foam into the water which he then mixed into it. Doing so - I am guessing - changed the Refractive Index of the water - such that the half of the playing card underneath the water now totally vanished. The water was still totally clear and 'water looking' - but the light was now bending around the card.

The card then slowly and visibly re-appeared as it was pulled up from the water.

Interestingly - I saw something similar on YouTube recently - and my first thought was that it would be a great principle for Lubor Fiedler to play around with. As usual - Lubor got there first decades and decades earlier...

Like I said before - hopefully the lectures will be released on DVD.


Re: Tenyo Tricks for 2012--HOLY CRAP!

Posted: November 20th, 2011, 11:00 am
by Richard Kaufman
Mark showed me the clip of Lubor's handling of "WOW" last week in LA. It was quite amazing.

Re: Tenyo Tricks for 2012--HOLY CRAP!

Posted: November 20th, 2011, 5:16 pm
by Joe Mckay
Yeah - it really is amazing. Also - for those who use the WOW gimmick, I recommend you check out Paul Gertner's handling for it. It is something special...

My only remaining wish in magic is that Mark gets a chance to publish his work to do with Lubor Fiedler.

Also - whilst I was chatting to Matthew Field, I spoke a bit about you. I told Matthew how cool it is having a 'card guy'/'close-up guy' running a major magic magazine for a change.

I don't think it has happened before - and I think it is really neat having somebody who is prepared to put people like Bro John Hamman, Earl Nelson, Bruce Cervon and Lubor Fiedler on the cover of a major magazine as opposed to the usual illusionists and stage performers (which seems to be the policy that MAGIC magazine has mostly stuck to).


Re: Tenyo Tricks for 2012--HOLY CRAP!

Posted: November 20th, 2011, 6:45 pm
by Joe Mckay
For the sake of completion - I will mention a couple more things from the lectures...

Firstly - Tom Stone spoke about the importance of being 'incompetent'. He gave an example of this. He was once designing an animation for a website of some birds flying across screen. Anyway - he wanted to change it a little bit so that the birds were not flying in synchronicity with each other.

He figured it would only take a couple of days to figure out how to prgoramme this. Partly since young teenagers seemed to be able to master computer programming quite quickly...

Anyway - it took Tom two years to figure out how to do this!

But - the wider point that Tom wanted to pull from this is that sometimes it is useful when tackling something not to be too knowledgable, since you might be discouraged by the amount of work which lies ahead of you...

He also spoke about having an imaginary circle of famous magicians with which to brainstorm with. Matthew Field commented at this point that Stewart James used to do something similar as well.

It is a useful tool and reminds one of Edward De Bono's 'Six Thinking Hats' theory. Indeed - I have tried using it in the past (with little success so far). But it definitely helps somewhat. When faced with a problem it really helps to imagine how Paul Harris might tackle it, or Lubor Fiedler, or Gaetan Bloom and so on. It really gets the creative juices flowing. Indeed - sometimes it feels like 'cheating'. Which of course is a silly thing to think.

But I feel it is interesting to note the difference here between magic and say music or literature.

Let me explain. You see - if you decided to write a song in the style of Bob Dylan or a novel in the style of Ernest Hemingway - you would be dismissed as a hack. Yet - there is nothing to stop us from approaching the solving of a magic problem in the 'style' of say Paul Harris or Lubor Fiedler.

This is nice since it gives us an extra tool which is not readily available to people in other art forms. And it is worth making the most of this 'cheat' which other art forms don't get to take advantage of...

One thing I wanted to mention during Tom's talk (but I kinda' forgot), was the question of whether or not computer programmes might one day be used to invent new magic tricks?

This might seem a strange idea. But I remember Karl Fulves writing something similar 30 years ago in EPILOGUE magazine.

Also - there are currently efforts underway to try and get computers to discover new laws to do with mathematics and physics. So - perhpas this same approach could one day be applied to magic as well?

That covers most of the stuff that occurred to me after attending this wonderful day of lectures. Thanks once again to everyone who helped put this day together!


Re: Tenyo Tricks for 2012--HOLY CRAP!

Posted: December 1st, 2011, 4:13 pm
by The Magic Apple
All of the Tenyo 2012 Products are now IN STOCK at The Magic Apple in Studio City, CA

Re: Tenyo Tricks for 2012--HOLY CRAP!

Posted: July 19th, 2012, 3:04 am
by Mike Remington
I received Flying Carpet and Tower of Dice as presents from Japan. Does anyone know of any place where I can get the English language instructions for them?