Metro-Magic Oct 3 and "Slydini- The Lecture" by Bill Wisch Update

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Metro-Magic Oct 3 and "Slydini- The Lecture" by Bill Wisch Update

Postby Kevin Wisch » September 24th, 2010, 4:33 am

Hi all,

Wanted to remind everyone that Metro-Magic is here a little more than a week away on October 3! I am flying in from California to come to the convention- haven't missed one yet! Always one of my favorite days to really sit back and enjoy the art of magic.

This year, the convention features Daryl, Paul Green, John Born and we are honoring our friend Dorothy Dietrich. (My father and I went up to the Houdini Museum last month with Bob Torkova and Dikki Ellis. It was so wonderful and Dorothy and Dick were such tremendous hosts!)

Finally, I thought I'd alert you all that my Father will be doing a mini "complimentary" lecture- complimentary because it is a "preview" of his new "Slydini- The Lecture" to premiere at the World Famous Magic Castle on November 7th, 2010. I remember sitting in one of the previous Metro-Magic conventions where an audience member yelled out "Hey Bill- do a little Slydini, would ya?" I'm looking forward to this as much as you are. He has several dates already booked and we'll be putting out a formal release to the entire magic community soon. Our good friend, Steve Forster, has been helping with the lecture notes and they are world class. The goal is to move it around the US and later, around the world, to commemorate his 70+ city tour in the 70s, before I was even around yet!

Anyway, for more info, check out the websites. We're ONE week away guys!

Kevin Wisch, MA, MBA
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