TrickTribe now live!

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TrickTribe now live!

Postby Arnaud » January 14th, 2021, 8:32 am

A few months ago we announced the arrival of TrickTribe, and explained the thinking behind TrickTribe. We went live January 1st 2021.
We have received a strong response from creators, who have joined us and feel we have something new to offer. We are still connecting new creators every week. This is phase one of three phases that should make the platform of choice for independent creators of strong and original magic. We hope to offer to the world of magic what 'indie' is to music.

The following video will explain to you everything you always wanted to know about Tricktribe but never dared to ask.

Now we are talking, note we just launched a serie called AQAAM, Any Question At Any Magician....In the first one, David Regal answers a question about the Carbonaro Effect.

Wish us luck and we meet you soon at!

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