What's in your Genii Archive?

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Brad A._dup1
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What's in your Genii Archive?

Postby Brad A._dup1 » May 19th, 2003, 10:04 pm

And why does one keep his old Genii magazines?

Hopefully, they will be needed one day in the future. This may, and probably has, happened to many of you out there--maybe all of us. I have a neat and orderly stack of Genii's from the past that sit alone on a dark shelf in a stuffy closet. I suppose it is a retiring place of sorts.

But I really do cherish them. I am proud of these "old" volumes. They represent hours and hours of reading, researching, and studying. They are filled with effects and other wonderful bits of arcane knowledge--I attribute any and all that is arcane to Jon Racherbaumer. But what do I do with these things besides keep them as tangible magical knowledge? I don't think I really do anything with them. How dignified is a closet?

Do any of you experience this? There are a few issues that you may refer to frequently (daily?), or there are those ones that just didn't interest you.

I have an idea that is quite close to David Regal's Speaking Volumes: what are some of your favorite articles and effects that have graced the pages of just Genii Magazine in its last sixty-six years of publication?

Where is that gem that will awaken the soul of some sleeping magician out there? What page of July 1974? What Dai Vernon column? Is it Richard Himber's "Triple Winner" (May 1966) or Ali Bongo's column from October 1994?

Where is it? and will you tell us?

-Brad Aldridge
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Edwin Corrie
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Re: What's in your Genii Archive?

Postby Edwin Corrie » May 20th, 2003, 12:46 am

I only started subscribing when Mr Kaufman took over, but that's still a substantial number of issues, and I hate to imagine how I'll be storing them in years to come. Having them bound might help preserve them, but at the moment mine are all just on a shelf too. Maybe Genii could consider selling specially made binders.

I don't think I'd want to get rid of my collection. Every issue gets read cover to cover, even the parts which are of less interest to me, and some of the feature articles are so good that I hope to be able to go through them again one day. Sometimes I hunt down an old book review or trick review, and there are a couple of issues I remember for having good tricks in them (e.g. the Japan issue a few years ago). But there's a lot more excellent material that gets forgotten because I'm not good at remembering which issue a particular item is in. The proposed collection of Magicana tricks would (will) be wonderful because then you only have to look at one book. But even with that I still think I'll keep my back issues, at least until my bookcases are full.

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Steve Bryant
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Re: What's in your Genii Archive?

Postby Steve Bryant » May 20th, 2003, 6:18 am

There are few joys in magic that exceed thumbing through old magazines, whether they are Genii or one of the others. I've been subscribing since 1959 and my collected volumes go back to 1956. Most of the early issues reside in my garage in some legal boxes that close completely with a hasp. The last 15 years or so are in the house proper, in standard plastic magazine holders. The Charlie Miller issues of Magicana have been removed from the magazines, and I keep them in two large ring binders. If Richard publishes this, it will be one of the best magic books ever. As to the OLD issues, we used to "live with" an issue much longer and more lovingly than we do today because of the glut. I can usually recall who was on the cover if you ask about a given trick, such as Larry Jennings' Chop Cup routine. (It was the same, for example, with Playboy in my youth. The playmates were real in those days, not bionic, and were celebrities who toured in Vietnam and other places. Guys my age remember who Donna Michelle was.) A database would be wonderful, but only to send me back to the right issue. Today's magazines look great, far better than in my youth, but the ads are starting to get pretty garish. Give me those old Ken Allen or Himber ads any day.

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