Hells Kitchen Sends Women to Magic Castle

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Hells Kitchen Sends Women to Magic Castle

Postby fredreisz » November 10th, 2017, 10:26 pm

Tonight's (Friday) Hell's Kitchen episode sent a team of women to the Magic Castle as a treat. I was excited to see the Castle on the show.

I forgot how TV often treats magic. The Castle is incredible, a treasure, an adventure, et cetera. Unfortunately on this show, for me, it was a real disappointment. Little was shown of the Castle and almost none of its charms, mysteries, and allure. What I experienced was almost a cliché of magic, along with, again unfortunately, a magic experience for the women in a banked theater, during which one of the women was placed in an awkward situation...losing her ring, seeming to throw it across the rom, etc. Wish the Castle and we as magicians had come off better. Just my view...others may have seen a much more positive exhibit of the Castle and magic.

In this case, any TV exposure is not necessarily a good thing. Peace.....Fred (Reisz)
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