Lie spotting

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Lie spotting

Postby frontsblack » June 23rd, 2017, 5:16 pm

I have an interest for a few areas within magic and mentalism, one of these being lies and little games like guessing which hand the coin is in. Since it's been difficult to find good recordings of people lying, I have looked at clips of mentalists/magicians doing tricks and watching their participants and watched clips such 'two truths and a lie'. With such videos I see two limitations as 1) it's often mostly for fun - and thus might be harder to spot any tells since stakes aren't high, and 2) with a video instead of physical presence many details may go lost. Therefore I'd like to hear some opinions on the value of studying such videos and especially if others have done this or gone a completely other direction instead?

2 videos I have watched quite a few times are these:

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