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Magic Mob

Postby MJE » April 19th, 2014, 10:26 pm

Well, I could not figure out how to start a new topic, so, I figured this made sense. Maybe not, but onward I go...

I could not help notice what a bang-up "Record Store Day" was today. There are still folks like us who like to cruise the aisles. I know........I know. It's old hat. So, here's ANOTHER old hat idea.

Old guys (I'm about to turn 60) complain about it. I see it as the next step. But......

Look at how big a hit "Record Store Day" has become. Isn't that pretty cool? Hell, I download songs, too. That's the way it works. But, I STILL love walking into that ol' Tubb store. Jeeeeeeeez! 'bout "Magic Shop Day"? It won't be a BIG hit. There are more music fans than magic fans....obviously. But still....

Most of us know that the mark-up in magic is pretty bad. Pretty bad? sucks. UNLESS you are using the Adams joke-type stuff. Well.....Why not?!?

My sugestion is that magic dealers (not Robbins.....shheeeeesh) cut to the bone. If nothing else, hobiests will get a taste. If nothing else, they will say......"HUH??? I can't do that!" Either way, we win.

You B&M guys......lord help ya'....

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Re: Inventing The Ten Card Poker Deal

Postby shatteredorbit » April 20th, 2014, 2:17 am

I am sure a moderator can split these posts off.
Anyway, last year I stumbled on to something called "Magic Mob". It was organized with the intent of getting people to a SPECIFIC store on a specific day. I made it to Denny&Lee's in Vegas and picked up Scripting Magic by Pete McCabe. The idea is to have a bunch of people commit to spending $50 or more to ensure that stores will be around when you need them. Might be useful to link a magic store day, with national magic week, or the Houdini Seances.

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Re: Magic Mob

Postby Rick Maue » May 3rd, 2014, 9:38 am


I was the person that organized the Magic Mob! at Denny & Lee's (both locations), and also the original Mob! at the Cuckoo's Nest in Pittsburgh (you can read about that one in the April 2013 issue of MAGIC). Both events were great successes. And, if my health improves, I plan to do one more in another city later this year.

The goal of the Magic Mob! is to get the local magic community to show support for the shops, and to thank the local shop owners for all that they do, and for all that they have done.

The reason that we decided to publish the article in the magazine was to encourage others to organize Magic Mobs! in their own cities. But sadly, we have not heard of a single one occurring.

The other main goal was the hope that we would gather enough enthusiasm to piece together an entire day for magic shops around the world. But until a few other cities jump in and organize their own local events, that effort seems doomed from the start.

With all of that said, I strongly encourage everyone to work on putting together a Magic Mob! for their local shop. And after doing two very successful Mobs!, I also encourage you to contact me so that I can pass along what we have learned about making the events as good as they can possibly be.

I look forward to hearing from a bunch of you. And I also look forward to helping you to celebrate the shops in your home towns.

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