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Eric Rose
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Re: How to right good*

Postby Eric Rose » February 23rd, 2006, 11:10 am

Originally posted by John LeBlanc:
For a number of years I conducted technical interviews for a top headhunter group. There were lots of brilliant programmers who lost out on six-figure positions because they didn't find it worth the effort to communicate appropriately for the corporate world.

But at least no one's stepping on their right to free expression! (Or at least lower-pay expression.)

Ah, the beauty and accuracy of this quote. The true decision makers in business and in the world tend not to respect (or even acknowledge)text-speak. Perhaps in 30 years the CEO will regularly close the annual report with "C U M8" but I doubt it. More likely it will be seen as a silly little thing that "those kids in the 00's" use to do. Just like the 1980's musical neckties and Max Headroom - oooh, rem-mem-mem-mem-memberrrrr himmmmmmm? - the text-speak is a trendy function of the technology. When keyboards are replaced by true voice recognition, there will be no need for "C U L8R", "ROFL", "ROFLMAO", or "TTSLADF" (for the curious that last one means 'Typing Text-Speak Like a Durn Fool'). No, when the technology makes the next jump there will be plenty of programs that immediately punctuate, capitalize and grammar check to the King's English. Until then, I'll give text-speak the same due that I gave green plaid trousers in the 1970s.

"TTFN - Ta ta for now" - Tigger, to Winnie the Pooh, circa 1972.

Bill Palmer
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Re: How to right good*

Postby Bill Palmer » February 23rd, 2006, 2:18 pm

There is a point in a post or an e-mail where the mistakes and the omissions make it impossible to read or understand.

I got something like this as a private message:

"do you no wear i can get some of those big white like with the cups from rnt2"

I assumed that he wanted to know where he could get some of those big white crocheted load balls like the ones that came with the white beauty cups from RnT 2. But that may have been a calculated assumption.

I don't demand or expect perfect spelling or grammar. I would like to see an occasional noun or verb that would point me in the right direction, though.

Sometimes posters will use spellings that radically change the meanings of their posts. If this is, indeed, supposed to be a cyber conversation, then confusing spelling is akin to speaking with a mouthful of marshmallows.
Bill Palmer, MIMC


Re: How to right good*

Postby Guest » February 23rd, 2006, 9:34 pm

Keee-ripes! Communication is flat difficult enough without forcing someone to decode it!

Yeah, cryptography was a hobby of mine in my early, EARLY teens when I used to study ancient Greek and Phonecian alphabets, and I used to love to use them to send "secret" messages.

In these days of internet forums and instant, albeit limited, communication abilities, you could lay 1-100 that I'll be using the English I learned in grammar school to communicate.

One could easily and safely offer a greater lay on the fact that MOST PEOPLE don't appreciate the extra work!!!

Besides that, no one likes a show-off!

Richard Stokes
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Re: How to right good*

Postby Richard Stokes » February 23rd, 2006, 10:42 pm

Curiously Lynne Truss, the woman who wrote the best-seller 'Eats Shoots Leaves', seemed to be completely unaware that this phrase is a well-known New Zealand joke.
The definition of a 'kiwi' is someone who 'eats, roots, shoots and leaves'.
Sexual innuendo which eluded her...

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