Where do all the Biros Go?

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Where have all the biros gone?
- Silently, swiftly passing -
Where have all the biros gone?
Designate them, consecrate them,
Tether, tie, glue or screw them
down, and I try, yet they are
Gone to elsewheres everyone,
Gone, going, gone.

Where do all the biros go?
- No cache is waiting -
Where do all the biros go?
Riding, rolling, sliding, snaking,
Flying, fleeing , spirited or stealing
Away; or do fairies take them
To dim and distant destinations in
Other dimensions sneakily?

What do they do, where ever they are?
- So permanent their passing -
What do they do and why have they gone?
While yet still more are being made
Of plastic, metal, and tubes of ink;
All dead and lifeless, or so you would think.
Why have they gone to where ever they are?
For no good reason! To drive me mad!
Gone, going, gone. :D

Copyright; Bridh Hancock

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