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Postby MaxNY » 11/16/02 09:10 PM

I recieved word tonight (Saturday November 16,2002) from Larry Weeks that Dr. Morris Young has passed, enroute to the Yankee Gathering where he was to be honored.
My wife and I spent a little time with Morris and his wife Chesley in the past two years. He was such a grand old man. I worked on several of his film projects, words can not describe how devoted he was to magic, and Houdini. Their stories were all so real, and magical. Dr. Morris Young even witnessed a Houdini performance! He remembered how Houdini would ask people from the audience to throw money on stage into a crystal bowl, you would hear the coins clank-ity clink!
The story about how Morris and Chesley met was the most unbelievable love story.... I would meet Dr. Young at his Optometry buisness up to just a few years ago, he only retired 3 years ago. He was into his 90's!
---He always wore the same type of glasses...even when he was enlisted...70 years ago.
---When I didn't see him at the SAM convention this past summer, I knew something was up, so I mailed him a postcard with first day issued Houdini stamp. He tried to get a Houdini stamp made 40 years ago!
---If I could leave you with one thing... He always encouraged me to write... everyday...His last book "Radio Music Live" was published in 1999! This is one of the most comprehensible books ever, on the subject. He loved that he even snuck in a little piece about Houdini in the book...
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