BLAINE Vs. ANGEL Ground rules for a duel

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Postby MaxNY » 08/27/02 07:32 PM

Chris Angel calls for a toe-to-toe competition. I think we the magicians need to punch out the details. Endurance? Escape from an equal restraint? Pain vs. Strength... Thumb wrestling? Beer chugging? Have 'em separated and put one of those Masked Magician assistants between, then have 'em try to lure the stray cats into their own lair. I like the idea of one's movement shocking the other. There used to be these shocking devises in the old arcades, where you "paddled " one wheel clock-wise, the other counter-clockwise, the faster you went, the more it jolted your butt! Attach the guys to each others paddles... sort of like the Simpsons where they can shock each other.
Celebrity boxing match...Gotta have pain though, they both seem to be into this Pain thing. Anyway, I hope this thread brings out both the innovative as well as the absurd. Melted wax. Have
'em throw lit matches at each other till the cows come home. God this could get fun... The newest NY Post (August 27,2002) claims that Blaines camp was asked about a duel, to which His Klaushness claims Blaine is out of the country, and doesn't care.
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Postby Brian Morton » 08/27/02 08:32 PM

Looking at this the same way politicians do, it makes no sense whatsoever for Blaine to take a challenge from Criss Angel. Blaine's had three TV specials and massive amounts of national publicity for his stunts. Criss Angel is a guy who's had a couple of spots on a cable show about magic, and has a Marilyn Manson-styled magic show in a basement Wrestling theatre in Times Square. There's an order of magnitude between them in terms of publicity, and all it would do would hurt Blaine's image and lift Angel's.

Blaine isn't above mocking himself now, though. Tonight there was a preview of the MTV Video Music awards. Jimmy Fallon was standing on the ledge of a New York building wearing a goatee, lots of black clothes and a black ski cap (looking remarkably like Blaine in his "Frozen In Time" period). He says, "I've frozen myself in this block of ice and I'm staying here until the music awards.

The camera pulls back and it shows Fallon has what looks like an ice cube with a hole drilled in it stuck in front of his zipper. (I'll leave you to fill in the rest of the picture in your mind)
Fallon hops around like he's really cold and freezing, although it's clear there's only one, uh, part, that must be cold.

After the slate telling about the day and time of the awards, they cut down to the street, and there's David Blaine talking to a guy next to him who's watching the whole thing up on the building.

Blaine: "That's not really an ice cube! That's a hologram! That's not really on his [bleeped by MTV]!" Then he starts yelling up at Fallon, "BOOOOOO! BOOOOOOOO! YOU SUCK!"

That's why Criss Angel is no David Blaine. For whatever that's worth... [snort]

brian :cool:
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Brian Morton
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Postby Guest » 08/28/02 03:42 AM

Blaine is on TV
Blaine is making a lot of money
Blaine make love with Hana
Blaine is the subject of the forum

what does he knows that we don't?

Postby MaxNY » 08/28/02 04:45 AM

This isn't a comparision thread, man you guys are-a harshin my chillage... Angel has a sucessful broadway show, basement or no basement. You really want to know what it's the old Paramount theatre. Every night.... Blaine needs a challenger. And, I have met both, worked on videos for both, Chris is a REALLY nice guy. Nice guys finish last? They are both sucessful in their own rights, yeah I put them in the same catagory. Now let's think of a fitting duel, the press certainly likes the idea.
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Postby Jim Maloney_dup1 » 08/28/02 08:20 AM

Originally posted by Brian Wendell Morton:
Blaine's had three TV specials and massive amounts of national publicity for his stunts.
Four, actually: Street Magic (the first special), Magic Man (coincided with his buried alive stunt), Frozen in Time (obviously the ice stunt), and Vertigo (the recent pole stunt).

I wish I had cable so I could see this commercial...coincidentally I'm calling up the company today to get it hooked up in my dorm room.

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