Michael Jackson heading to Vegas?

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Postby Guest » 10/07/02 09:27 PM

I dont know if this was posted might have been I check the forums off and on, but I heard that Michael Jackson is heading to Vegas because he will have a magic show? Does anyone know if there is any truth to this? If so what kind of tricks will he be performing, making young children disappear or is he going to reveal how he went from black to white, or maybe he will have some illusions when he looks like a man one moment and a woman the next ? (I know low blows) But seriously has anyone heard about this?

Postby MaxNY » 10/08/02 05:16 PM

He has always been interested in magic, I have collected stories upon stories claiming he was in magic shops buying hundreds of dollars worth of magic. I think he would be a huge hit. I could see him settling down into one venue for the rest of his life. I could also see him doing a stage show with lots of dance, and magic. But I think Vegas is stacked with too many magicians, I would like to see him in New York, problem is, no real room to build big theaters here. And besides who (in their right mind) wants to live his life on the road...in a bus? Copperpenny Wink?
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