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Postby Joe Mckay » 08/21/01 07:30 PM

Hi everyone...

Just to let you know, Angelo Carbone (Ace Tenyo creator) has re-launched his website devoted to the ingenious world of Tenyo magic! Also, he mentions that the new Tenyo tricks are to be launched at a Tenyo Convention in Japan, on 15th September! Who knows what crazy magic they will release this year?
I guess, that means it should make the November issue of GENII?


PS. For creative thinking, the people at Tenyo have being leading the way for the past 20 years...

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Postby Steve Hook » 08/22/01 01:57 AM

Make that URL: www.tenyoworld.co.uk
and all the magic will be revealed... :eek:
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 08/22/01 02:43 AM

I've been in touch with the folks at Tenyo, and the information is starting to come in about what the new products are. I expect to get samples and photos of the boxes in the next 30 days. I already have the instructions for the new tricks. Since we work so hard to keep on time with Genii, I don't think the article will make it into the November issue (which will start layout in a day or two). The article will probably be in September.
I can tell you that one of the four new items is a killer by Angelo Carbone to which Tenyo has added a locking mechanism so it can be examined. Wait until you see it!
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Postby Steve Cohen » 09/02/01 12:59 PM

I have already written instructions for two (of the upcoming four) new Tenyo products. Let me assure you that all of the 2002 effects are winners! I am the first person outside of Japan who receives the Tenyo products each year. They arrive in August along with the instruction manuscripts, written in Japanese. It usually takes me about two weeks to translate and polish the text (including the ad copy and package text) for the Tenyo product line. If you are a Tenyo fan, this year you will be a happy collector! Angelo's trick is phenomenal; Shimomura-san's trick is a mechanical masterpiece; Tooru Sukuki's effect is a great platform or parlor trick, and Petrick and Mia created a very clever effect that is baffling. Hope this information is useful, without giving away too much!
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Postby Angelo Carbone » 09/11/01 07:59 PM

I hope to put out all the details of the new Tenyo Range, on Tenyoworld - as soon as I get them.

I am so excited about my little baby :)
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 09/11/01 11:22 PM

Because of the article about the four new Tenyo items that will appear in Genii in November, I have just received a videotape from Tenyo demonstrating the four items. Not a stiff in the lot! The standout is Angelo Carbone's effect, whose secret he divulged to me two years ago. BUT, I still couldn't figure it out! In the trick, three bolts are threaded through a plastic box that has a clear front, then nuts are spun onto the ends of the bolts. On one of the end bolts you've cleanly threaded a borrowed finger ring. You cover the thing with a hanky and when the hanky is removed, the ring has jumped to the center bolt! Examinable!
The second item is Shimomura's Mystery China Box, where small balls travel from one clear plastic tube to another inside a closed box. Fooled me.
The third item is from Petrick and Mia, and involves a small blue cube that is removed from a clear box (into which it fits exactly). The cube is removed from the box and then a hanky is thrown over both. The spectator is asked to reach under the hanky and put the cube into the box and close the box. He does, and then you draw the hanky away and the cube has vanished from the box! Excellent.
The fourth item is Suzuki's Salt Cups. This is an interesting item that utilizes two opaque "goblets" that are shown empty, then salt is produced, then a lot more salt. Finally the salt vanishes and a silk is produced from one of the goblets. Quite ingenious.
It's going to be a good year for Tenyo.
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