Damn..another plot shot to hell

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Postby Guest » 02/21/03 06:07 AM


This science stuff must be stopped immediately...

Marlo..Vernon...get out there and rough up some geeks!

(For the Record, Marlo and Vernon are killer dobies)

Postby Guest » 02/21/03 07:04 AM

Guys this makes the trick a lot easier. Actually it could work as a justification for the kicker in some routines.
Noah Levine

Postby Ian Kendall » 02/21/03 07:54 AM

Wow, it's been a while since school but I was always under the impression that oil did not dissolve in water as it is non ionic, and therefore cannot bond to the spare P electrons in the oxygen atom. This is the same for all organic compounds. I'll have to read more into this...

Oh, and one for lovers of margarine; the plastic carton Flora comes in is a polyunsaturate. Yum.

Take care, Ian
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Postby Guest » 02/21/03 11:04 AM

Rosie --

Is Testor's Dull Cote a good product for roughing up geeks?


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