Mike Jackson wins MTV & thanks Blaine

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Postby MaxNY » 08/29/02 05:52 PM

Tonight (August 29,2002) The MTV Video Awards presented Michael Jackson with the Millenium Award, and The Gloved One proceeded to thank the Frozen Hooded One. "Thanks to...... Barry Gordy.......David Blaine, Your magic is real, & I believe in you"
Michael is digging the magic, I guess he always has, rumor at the last SAM NYC convention (1976 or 1977) was that Michael was there, but in a Gorilla outfit.
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Postby Guest » 08/30/02 12:17 PM

Only problem is there was no such award.

"MTV reported on its website late Thursday it had not presented Michael Jackson with "artist of the millennium" honors at the 2002 Video Music Awards -- even though the pop star believed he had accepted such an award on live TV!"

It was just a birthday cake. Good Try Michael :eek:

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