2006 Las Vegas Magic Invitational Update

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Postby Danny Archer » 10/14/05 07:33 PM

I am pleased to announce that the 2006 Las Vegas Magic Invitational(LVMI) will take place from June 11th thru June 13th at the Palace Station Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

For our 6th convention we are thrilled that joining us as our Guest of Honor will be the one and only J.C. Wagner . J.C. will also be lecturing and performing at the convention, and I suspect that a lot of people will be looking forward to seeing some of his classic effects, along with some of his killer new material.

Joining J.C. will be a world class group of magicians that will provide you with all the close-up and cabaret magic you can handle.

Lee Asher Lee is one of the undisputed best card men. His sleight of hand with cards is sheer poetry and hangin and jammin with Lee is always a convention highlight.

Mark Mason Mark hails from England, and his combination of clever patter and devastating sleight of hand will make many people sit up and take notice.

Bob Sheets What can you say about Bob that hasnt been said before? A zany performing character and the ability to select and do great magic makes him a perennial favorite.

The J Team A 2 man lecture starring John Born and Jason Dean this dynamic duo will be featuring some of their cutting edge brand of close-up magic with cards and coins.

John Carney The only magician ever to be named Magician of the Year by the Magic Castle in every possible category; Close-Up, Parlor, Stage and Lecture. A true modern master.

2005 was our first convention at the Palace Station and the new home of the LVMI was a perfect fit. The hotel rooms are reasonably priced ($39 - $59 a night) and the hotel features an array of restaurants from fast food to fine dining choices.

One of the things that makes the convention so special, is what I call the Las Vegas factor. You never know who you will bump into at the LVMI. Vegas is where many of the stars of magic live, work and play; and many of them drop in, and we are always happy to see them.

Here are a few of the great people who have been at the LVMI in the past; Penn & Teller, Bob Kohler, Gregory Wilson, Allan Ackerman, Doug Brewer, Dan and Dave Buck, Eugene Burger, Joey Burton, Michael Close, Gary Darwin, Daryl, Dean Dill, Steve Fearson, Aaron Fisher, Bob Fitch, Michael Forbes, Bill Goodwin, Paul Harris, Brad Henderson, Scott Hitchcock, John Kennedy, Chris Kenner, Mac King, Roger Klause, Bob Kohler, Nathan Kranzo, Chris Korn, Homer Liwag, Martin Nash, Doug Malloy, Jeff McBride, Eric Mead, John Moehring, Gary Norsigian, Shoot Ogawa, Chris Randall, Apollo Robbins, Adam Rubin, Peter Studebaker, Howie Schwartzman, Garrett Thomas, Torkova, Steve Bedwell, Dan Watkins, Stan Allen, Thomas Wayne, Paul Wilson, Frank Zak, Rick Wilcox (my apologies if I left off your name).

Even though the LVMI is a close-up convention, we use five large screen monitors and two video cameras along with a video switcher, so you can see all the action all the time.

We also have several jam shows, where the attendees (and usually some special guest magic celebrities) are invited to perform and show their stuff. Thats what the I stands for in LVMI.

The LVMI convention has always featured panel discussion. We bring together world class performers and a specific topic and allow the audience to Ask the Pros. The panel discussions are informative, and they always produce some great insights (and usually a few good laughs)

We also feature a well-stocked dealers room with all the latest and greatest magic effects, books and DVDs you could ever want.

Usually we add in a surprise event or guest (at this years 2005 convention, the surprise was a 3 man teach-in by Rune Klan, Gregory Wilson and Joshua Jay), so you never know what to expect.

If that isnt enough, the day after LVMI, on June 14th, we will once again be hosting a one day convention dedicated to magic and sleight of hand with coins.

CoinCon 2006 will be a day (or maybe more?) filled with nothing but coin magic lectures, shows and workshops. We are assembling a roster of coin workers that can hold their own with anyone in the world.

Rune Klan is planning on coming from Denmark, and what he cant do with coins, cant be done.

John Born has created an arsenal of sleights and techniques that make his magic look real.

Mickey Silvers visual style and love of magic have made him an internet superstar.

Kainoa Harbottles playful personality and unbelievable chops make him a modern coin master.

And thats just for starters! we are talking with many more coin conjurers and we expect that just like in 2003 with the first ever COINvention (immortalized on a 2 DVD set), CoinCon 2006 will mark the way for another generation of close-up magicians.

In 2003 when we did both conventions back-to-back, we had to unfortunately turn away well over 125 disappointed magicians that tried to register too late. We fully expect that the LVMI/CoinCon 2006 conventions will be the must attend events for the close-up/cabaret magic aficionados.

The conventions are hosted by Robert Allen and Danny Archer and they are dedicated to making their events educational, entertaining and an all-around great time.

We have not yet update our web site ( LVMI ), but we couldnt hold it in any longer LVMI/CoinCon 2006 will be four unbelievably great days of magic and we invite you to join us in the most magical city on Earth, Las Vegas!

Registration Info

LVMI $175 until April 30th
CoinCon 2006 $ 75 until April 30th
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Postby Curtis Kam » 10/15/05 02:34 AM

Kainoa who? Hope that wasn't a Freudian slip.
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Postby Pepka » 10/15/05 06:32 AM

Pepka's dictionary defines Freudian slip as when you say one thing, but are really thinking about a mother. :D
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Postby Danny Archer » 10/16/05 12:41 PM

Originally posted by Curtis Kam:
Kainoa who? Hope that wasn't a Freudian slip.
Thanks for catching that Curtis .. Damn spell checker ...
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