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Postby Bill Mullins » 03/26/04 01:01 AM

So here I am in Atlanta at the Gathering for Gardner. The air conditioner in the Days Inn is too loud, my truck is acting funny, and I miss my wife.

On the other hand,
- I had a nice discussion with Jamy Swiss and Jerry Andrus about visual misdirection.
- Bill Kalush explained a puzzle to me that takes longer to solve, than the universe has existed
- I watched Dan Garrett _nail_ Scot Morris (former games columnist for Omni Magazine) with some nice card work.
- I Met Meir Yedid, Lennart Green, Mark Setteducati, Jay Marshall, Looy Simonoff, Herb Zarrow.
- And Michael Weber isn't even here yet.

I think I'll struggle through discussions, lectures, presentations, Andrus' new illusions, dinner shows, and the rest of weekend somehow.
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