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Postby Philippe Noël » 10/25/01 11:36 AM

In his book The Annotated Erdnase, Darwin Ortiz mentions many times 'The Marlo Magazines' and the 'Cardiste'. Does anyone can tell me about the history of those two publications and are there plans to reprint them?
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Philippe Nol
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Postby JBA Janson » 10/26/01 12:23 AM

Here are some basic facts about Cardiste and Marlo's magazine:

Cardiste was published by Rusduck between 1958-1967 and 11 issues were produced. There is a 12 issue, that was partly(?) published in IBIDEM after Rusduck's death. 100 % card magic, with heavy emphasis on stacked decks etc and with interesting contributions. Richard K. might answer the question about republication. You might find a complete file for something like $50-100 depending on condition.

Marlo's magazines are monumental works on advanced card magic. Really a must if you are a hard core card guy. Here the bare facts:

Marlo's Magazine volume 1 1976 325 pages
Marlo's Magazine volume 2 1977 325 pages
Marlo's Magazine volume 3 1979 371 pages
Marlo's Magazine volume 4 1980 349 pages
Marlo's Magazine volume 5 1984 348 pages
Marlo's Magazine volume 6 1988 304 pages

All copies are numbered, but I do not know the actual number issued of each volume - Jon R knows of course. Some of my copies have numbers in mid 300. Most of the copies were sold by Marlo directly to interested card guys and subsequently most of them are nicely inscribed by Marlo. Nowadays you might pick up copies for some $ 100/each.

Happy reading :)
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Postby Philippe Noël » 10/26/01 09:02 AM

It is exactely the kind of answer I was waiting for, thank you very much.

Philippe Nol
Philippe Noël
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Postby Jon Racherbaumer » 10/26/01 09:32 AM

When Marlo was cranking out the MARLO MAGAZINES, a true cottage industry in those days, he realized that his target audience was comprised of about 300-350 cardmen. At first, he printed 500 copies, which would eventually sell out in drbs and drabs. Later, when the wunnerful-wunnerful world of Xerography took hold, Marlo published about 300 copies and then printed subsequent copies on demand. He did, however, keep meticulous records of who-what-when of each purchase and he signed and numbered each one that was privately sold.

The MAGAZINES, relatively speaking, were huge, spiral-bound, 300 + page pastiches. Marlo always wanted to provide "bang-for-the-buck" and charged only $35 at the time--a real bargain for hard-core cardicians.

Lee Freed owns re-publication rights to everything except the Riffle Shuffle Trilogy and the TEN-HAND POKER DEAL.


...If you are are Marlo fan, check out now and in the near future. It will keep you posted about new releases. The Members Only section will also provide access to many tricks, photographs, letters, and out-of-print manuscripts. For example, members will soon be able to download UNLIMITED (Annotated Version) next month.

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Postby Guest » 11/18/01 06:19 AM

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