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Postby C. Hampton » 12/15/02 04:32 PM


I just got the news from a magician in Spain that the the FISM is not recognicing Comedy Magic as a competiton category for next year event. The FISM argument is that comedy magic is not a type of magic, just a way of presentation.

I am interested about what are your thoughs on this issue. Who can tell to Tomsoni, o Michael Finney that what they do is not a type of magic, just a way to present it?

Defenetly not me.
Carlos Hampton
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Postby Guest » 12/15/02 06:44 PM

I dont believe FISM is putting down the accomplished performers you mentioned; if anything, it is recognizing them fully. The artistic merits of comedy magicians are no longer to be dismissed as laughing matters; they are now to be judged, rightfully, alongside their pretentious, classical-music-listening, counterparts. What is the problem?

I get frustrated looking through the subdivisions of magic catalogues, close-ups, stand-up, comedy, and mentalismthese divisions are arbitrary and should be dictated merely by the setting and by the performers unique style.

How is this for a magic catalogue?

Parlor Magic
Afghan BandsBlackstone Sr.
Torn and Restored NewspaperThurston

Rope Magic
U. F. Grants RoutineAnnemann

Escape Magic
Keller Rope TieUm, everyone; and Dante too

Close-Up Magic
Changing of Coins (Dime and Penny)Jarrow
Cups and BallsPaul Rosini
The Sponge Ball TrickDai Vernon

Handkerchief Magic
Sympathetic SilksHoudini
20th Century SilksOkito

Coin Magic
Passing of the CoinsMulholland

Kids Show Magic
Cake in the HatAl Baker
Egg BagSilent Mora
The Handkerchief BoxRussell Swann

Did the greats read the instructions wrong, or do divisions poorly classify the potential of magic?


Jake Friedman

Postby Guest » 12/16/02 07:25 AM

Has a talking act ever won on stage at FISM?

It is very rare that there is ever a talking act in a stage competition. And in the rare case that I've seen a talking act, it lost to the usual bird act.


Postby Steve Bryant » 12/16/02 10:07 AM

While it wasn't stage, and there were birds of various types, Johnny Ace Palmer won the big prize at FISM with a talk act.
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Postby Guest » 12/16/02 10:17 AM

Originally posted by Steve Bryant:
While it wasn't stage, and there were birds of various types, Johnny Ace Palmer won the big prize at FISM with a talk act.
But he competed in close-up. I meant: Has anyone ever one a stage contest with a talking act?


Postby Pete Biro » 12/17/02 11:22 AM

I did (not FISM) BUT first prize stage SAM Boston, and Grand Prix PCAM... (don't ask me what years!) :p :p :p :p :p
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Postby Guest » 12/18/02 02:22 AM

I would have to side with the FISM decision based on what I saw in Lisboa.

It would have no affect on the Grand Prix outcome. Scott and Muriel killed the whole auditorium.

It might, however, eliminate those who chose to do "comedy" that thumbed its nose at the rules and structure of the competition. There were a lot of unfunny, unmagical...uh, THINGS on stage that really were a waste of time. The contestants were actually breaking the tools and mechanisms of the jury to get cheap laughs. If it were me, I would have shut them off the stage and sent them home immediately for their conduct.

I think it is more a sign of the different paths that mainstream comedy and mainstream magic are taking. Comedy is definitely on the fast track to plain old raunch for the sake of shock, not humor...and TV is going right with it.

Tom Cutts

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