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Postby MaxNY » 02/27/05 07:41 AM

Yesterday I'm doing my Saturday morning runs at the ski-slope down the street, and I'm by myself (as my wife has her own classes on Saturday mornings), and I ask another fellow if he is "single" as to speed up the lift lines. It turns out that he was an excellent skier, and we did several trips up the mountain together. I asked him where his accent was from... we talked about everything from Avaition to our communtes into New York... After about the 15th trip up the mountain together, for some reason I happen to mention that there will be a grand celebration in London this summer for The Magic Circle's 100th birthday... He looks at me, and says, "my father is writing a book about The Magic Circle". My jaw drops, and I ask "Just who is your Dad?" "Edwin Dawes"
---We spent the next 20 trips up the mountain talking about everything, and everybody magic.
---I still can't believe what just happened to me yesterday. I love "It's a small world stories". I think I acquired the taste for them from Walter Gibson, who used to frequent the local SAM meetings, and was a big influence on me.
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