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Postby Pete McCabe » 01/27/03 04:13 PM

Sorry for the forced alliteration.

I looks like I will not be able to attend the West Coast Card Clinic which will be held in Santa Barbara the first weekend in April.

This is quite a disappointment for me, as I attended Jamy's workshop at the Castle a year or so ago, and it was a fantastic learning experience. I was ecstatic when I heard he was bringing Card Clinic to the West Coast, and just an hour up the road from my house.

But alas, time and money wait for no man.

So I'm wondering if anyone who has been to the inaugural Clinic can tell me: is there any general socializing time that might be open to a non-registered person who drops in for an hour or so, late at night maybe? Or is every minute taken up with official-type events?

I'd love to just drop by and see meet some of my Genii-Forum friends, but I can certainly understand if there was just no place where it would be right for an "outsider" to sit in.

Pete McCabe
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Postby Dave Shepherd » 01/27/03 04:49 PM

Pete, I'm bummed that you can't do the Clinic. I'm going to be there, and I hope to meet other West Coast folk. (Note that I'm flying in from the East Coast to do this thing, that's how much I'm looking forward to working with Mr. Swiss [again] and Mr. Giobbi.)

I bet you could e-mail Jamy through the Card Clinic web site and ask him about this. I think there's a quasi-public show on one of the evenings, either Friday or Saturday.
Dave Shepherd
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Postby Pete McCabe » 01/27/03 05:26 PM

Thanks Dave.

I checked out the schedule and the video online (the video is especially tantalizing) but didn't find a sufficiently detailed description of the events.

I guess I'll send an email to Jamy.

Pete McCabe
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Location: Simi Valley, CA

Postby Guest » 01/27/03 05:28 PM

Friday night 7:00-8:00 PM has Giobbi and Swiss performing. It says that general public can attend with a clinic goer ;)

Like the previous poster said, you should probably just email Jamy.


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