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Postby Guest » 04/22/06 01:13 PM

Hello all,
I am doing a special workshop in the Los Angeles area, only four Saturdays in May.

This four weekend course is designed to help you plot a new direction for your magic. Each week I will offer a curriculum of subjects, as well as personal coaching. Bring specific routines, or techniques that you want to work on. Perform the routines for the group and I will offer suggestions and guidance.

Subjects include, Creativity, Approach to Study, Presentation, Technique, Misdirection, and Magic History.

For details, and to reserve your space, go to

Conflict in your schedule?
If you live in the LA area and cant make this round, send an Email to with Los Angeles Lectures and Workshops in the subject line, and I will notify you of future events in the Los Angeles area. This will also put you on the list for my theatre show , Carney\'s Wonders

US Lectures and Workshops
I am beginning to book special weekend versions of the Wonder Workshop in select cities across the country, as well as a few lectures in the coming year. If you want to be notified, please send an Email with your city in the subject line, (My city Lectures and Workshops), or check in at for updates.

Europe Lectures
I will do a few lectures in Europe in the Fall of 2006, in just a few larger cities. If you would like an Email with the dates and details of my European tour, write to with the subject European lectures. When the tour is finalized, I will let you know the dates and details by Email.

Thanks for checking it out.

All the best,

Postby Guest » 05/01/06 10:03 PM

Hello all,
I thought I would mention that I have 5 spots left in the four week Los Angeles workshop, which starts this Saturday, May 6.

For more info, or to register go to Wonder Workshop

thanks for considering,


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