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Postby MaxNY » 11/09/03 08:01 PM

Lance Burton was on Diva Detectives tonight (Sunday Nov.9). Diva Detectives is my new favorite show. His did sponge balls, cards and spider, and pulled a $100 dollar bill from someone's ear.
Out-of-work fire-breathers have a shot at stardom. Crobar New York is looking for freaks, and club kids. They have already invited conjoined twins, go-go dancers, and midgets to audition...The club opens next month. From what I understand, Polaris still works Webster Hall, and has been there for 8-10 years now.
This week's National Equirer claims that Roy is not doing well, and "is dying"... There is a half page ad for the Siegfried and Roy collection. 2 DVD's and/or three VHS's. Three volumes seem to be from past television shows, and also included is "The Magic Box".
This week's New York Times Television listing has a picture of Fox's newest Sit-com.. "The Bluths". The picture has most cast members, and some guy in the background holding a dove in a really shiny Tux... anyone seen this yet?
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