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Postby Brian Marks » 07/22/01 10:56 PM

Im headed out to Magic Magazine's convention. Is anyone else going out there? Does Genii plan to have one?
Brian Marks
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Postby Jon Racherbaumer » 07/22/01 11:19 PM

I'll be there. So will Richard. We are hosting certain sessions. I expect that this EVENT (not convention) will usher in a new kind of event or at least foment the current "sea-change" I'm sensing this year for the first time.
Jon Racherbaumer
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 07/23/01 11:08 AM

Both Jon and I will be there hosting some of the close-up sessions, each lasting an hour, in the afternoons on Monday and Tuesday. This is part of a longer 2 1/2 hour show.
To answer Brian's other question, NO, Genii has no plans to host a convention. What a nightmare! If I ever say anything about hosting a convention, everyone please jump on me and beat me with mallets! :p
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Richard Kaufman
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Postby Charlie Chang » 07/23/01 11:47 AM

Do we HAVE to wait for you to say something about hosting a convention?
Charlie Chang
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Postby Guest » 07/24/01 03:35 AM

I'll be there and look forward to meeting lots of folks. I haven't attended a convention in over 10 years. That's another topic for another forum! ;)

Postby Steve Bryant » 07/24/01 09:09 AM

The Orleans is rather fun: if you get bored with the magic (doubtful!), it has a great movie theater (first place I ever enjoyed stadium seating), a monster bowling alley (Stan should host a tournament), and a Mexican restaurant I love.
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Steve Bryant
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Postby Guest » 08/01/01 02:35 AM

for the ingnorant, will some please explain why this is an "event" and not simply another LV convention? :confused:

Postby Guest » 08/01/01 04:10 AM

From what I understand is that this "event" is a celebration of magic. Meaning that the big difference is that there is no stage or close-up competition. There are close-up and stage shows, but they aren't competitions, more of a showcase of established magicians from around the world. Everything else seems to be the same as a convention. For more info, you can always check their website: ... ntion.html

Postby Mark Jensen » 08/02/01 05:34 PM

I will also be there. If you haven't registered/booked your room I suggest you do so asap. Magic Mag sent out an email to those registered stating that the rooms reserved for the convention/event are now gone. You may be able to get a room at regular rate?

I look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones out there.


As an aside: I'm an avid magic book collector (although I do read my books) and like to get them signed by the author. I plan on bringing a couple by Richard and Jon, hopefully they'll agree to sign them for me :)

Has anyone heard of any other notible authors not listed as appearing/performing that will be attending?
Mark Jensen
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Postby Brian Marks » 08/02/01 06:43 PM

Mike Close (Workers series) will be there. I also assume he will be working the Houdini Lounge on Tuesday-Thursday at the Monte Carlo at night time. Joshua Jay(Josh Jay's Magic Atlas) will be there. I dont have a list in front of me but I know these two are scheduled to be there.
Brian Marks
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Postby Mark Jensen » 08/02/01 08:39 PM

Here is the latest listing of those scheduled to appear:

Gregory Wilson
Apollo Robbins
Gaston Quieto
Gary Ouellet
Nicholas Night & Kinga
Earle Oakes
Chad Long
Rune Klan
Charles Greene
Joseph Gabriel
Bob (Bob Sheets)
Marc Summers
Jim Steinmeyer
Eberhard Riese
Jon Racherbaumer
The Pendragons
Bill McIlhany
Jeff McBride
Max Maven
Bill Malone
Mark Kornhauser
Mac King
Richard Kaufman
David "Silly Billy" Kaye
Rory Johnston
Joshua Jay
Guy Hollingworth
Jeff Hobson
Paul Gertner
Michael Finney
Michael Diliberto
Dana Daniels
Michael Close
Mike Caveney
Lance Burton
Michael Ammar

All I can say is...WOW!!!
Mark Jensen
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 08/02/01 10:45 PM

Stephen Minch will also be there.
And, yes, we be happy to sign every book you can carry!
It's called an "event" rather than a convention because it is celebrating the tenth anniversary of MAGIC magazine's existence.
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Richard Kaufman
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Postby Dustin Stinett » 08/03/01 02:33 AM

I have to go to Hawaii with my family :rolleyes: Jeez. It was planned over a year ago. I just can't understand why Stan wouldn't reschedule the MAGIC event for me. Oh well. I do have tickets to see David Copperfield while I'm in Honolulu, so I have that going for me - which is nice.

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Dustin Stinett
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Postby Curtis Kam » 08/03/01 10:06 PM

if it will make you feel any better, I live in Hawaii, so I won't be able to go to the Magic Convention OR David Copperfield. (gotta work) Howzabout you give me a call when you're here and tell me how David did? Or at least to go have a drink and watch one of the hidden legends of close up work the bar. (Surprisingly, I speak not of myself, but Bobby Acoba. He actually lives by the rule that the magician shouldn't do anything but direct the proceedings. All the magic is done by the spectators. They choose the card, they shuffle, someone else cuts to the selected card, Bobby takes a bow.)
He'll also make you work for the crowd, but he'll buy you a drink.

email me your dates here if that sounds like a good time.

Curtis Kam
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Postby Brian Marks » 08/04/01 10:33 AM


your making me jealous that I will be in Vegas instead of Hawii.

Brian Marks
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Postby Guest » 08/04/01 10:17 PM

Hey Brian,

You'll be jealous of me than. I'll be at the Magic event in Las Vegas. And then 2 days after I get back, I'm flying out to Hawaii.

BTW, Curtis, remember me, I was this Japanese finger-flinger college student at BYU-Hawaii, that hung out with you a few times after your show at the Hale Koa hotel. I was one of Kelvin Chun's friends. I did cardflourishes and passes. If you don't remember me, don't worry, I'll be in Hawaii soon, and I'll show you some stuff. I'll also tell you what you missed and didn't miss at the Magic event in Vegas.

Postby Luis » 08/06/01 12:11 AM


I will be there, and I think you know who will be my roommate :)
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Postby Guest » 08/13/01 10:31 AM

Yea, this should be an incredible convention. I'm looking forward to meeting a lot of people that I have and haven't heard of.

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