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Postby Guest » 01/06/02 11:40 PM

I've thought that magic wa s aphase that everyone goes through. For awhile I thought I had passed through it. But something inside of me is nagging me to keep persuing it. However, I am looking for some inspiration to keep going. Has anyone else faced this?


Postby Jeff Haas » 01/07/02 12:24 AM

Pete, this is something that a lot of us go through. I'm of two minds on this...

One, try and figure out why you're bored with it. Maybe you're focused too heavily on one specific area and a change will do you good. Look at other forms of live entertainment and see what makes them effective.

Two, get away from it for awhile. Develop other interests...go hiking, learn about business, build a robot...and then come back to magic with fresh eyes.

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