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Postby David Prouty » 04/03/02 01:37 PM

As I remember, Dick Oslund was one of those mid-west traveling magicians (in the mid 70's) that actually circulated around the Upper Peninsula of
Michigan , doing school asseblys and such...(I think he lived in Escanaba, MI). Does any one have any info on the current status of Mr. Oslund, or even an email address?

Thanks !

David Prouty
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David Prouty
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Postby Jerry Harrell » 04/04/02 07:01 AM

Dick Oslund was a professional school show performer for over 40 years. He gave his "KISMIF" lecture ("Keep it Simple, Make it Fun") to IBM Ring 103 in Norfolk, VA in November 2000, as part of the ring's 50th anniversary celebration. Dick currently resides in Colon, Michigan.
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Postby Mike Maturen » 08/24/13 10:56 PM

Dick is currently residing once again in Escanaba, Michigan. He is currently actually in my home for the weekend, going ove3r my show, routines, blocking, etc.

The man is a treasure of information, history and hilarious stories about some of the most famous magicians on the planet!

If you would like to contact Dick, look him up on the Magic Cafe.
Mike Maturen
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