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Test Message

Postby Pete Biro » January 23rd, 2003, 5:36 pm

Digging throught the archives of the first-ever magic bbs "MAGIC" I found the following, and post it here as a test. I have many other postings from those archives, and hopefully, can dig some out and re-post here.

Himber Ring touches. Rather than a swizzle stick (ala McComb) I
have long used a New wooden pencil with rubber eraser on end --
and have experimented with a trailing thread (more on this
later). Might look for a swizzle and try it out, though.
If you have a "good size" jeweler's loupe you can load the
switched out (borrowed) ring into it like a cups and ball load.
This helps to conceal it in certain conditions. If the ring is
small enough you can set it on the table with the ring under it.
Rather than palm the "extra" ring, while the three rings are
on the stick -- you can "rock" the stick allowing the rings to
drop from one end to the other, while linked secretly, audience
can't tell if they are or are not linked...and you can let the
fourth ring go with them... just a touch to show hands empty,
etc. You don't hold stick with a fist -- but at your fingertips
doing this. A lot of the handlings depend on distance from
viewing spectators, etc.
I particularly think the McComb bit of showing the middle
spectator the "shank" only of the Himber Ring and his accomanying
patter IS SHEER GENIUS. Can't divulge here or you won't buy the
video from Joe.
Trailing Thread. This is an item I devised years ago and had
only given to Fred Kaps. It will show up in one of the letters.
If you take a new wooden pencil, the standard Yellow kind, with
eraser and using a razor blade make a cut in the middle of the
eraser from it's flat end down to the hilt (the metal rim). The
cut is straight in, parallel to the long dimension of the pencil.
OK, now you get a fine piece of invisible thread or hair and
put a knot on one end. Then you thread it through the slit with
the knot keeping it from slipping out. The length need only be a
bit longer than the pencil.
With a little experimenting you will figure out how to best
get into this IN YOUR OWN NATURAL HANDLING WAY, but the routine
is thus: You have unlinked ONE of the rings (actually they are
all unlinked) but you pretent only one is free.
You now tell the audience that two remain linked and you
slide the two rings onto the pencil getting the trailing thread
through one ring so you now have one ring ON the pencil, near the
end, the other hanging below APPARENTLY still linked -- but it is
the thread holding the ring.
The dramatic finish. You relax your grip on the thread and
the "hanging" ring VISIBLY unlinks itself and drops into your
waiting hand.
You will not believe how beautiful and magical this looks! :genii:
Stay tooned.

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