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Postby Guest » 07/31/02 05:52 PM

Hello all, I never know where to post new topics. Sometimes I like to watch TV or read a book etc and think about how it applies to magic. Recently I was watching a show called meet the marks. This is kind of like candid camera, they play these big huge elaborate pranks on people, but instead of just showing it on TV they then go on to give it away to the person by Saying "YOU ARE THE STAR OF YOUR OWN TV SHOW”. Then they give the person flowers etc. I think this applies to magic because when we do a performance where we make somebody look stupid during the performance they should end up being the hero. This doesn't mean that they need to figure out how the trick is done but they should end up feeling good about themselves. In Penn and Teller's knife throwing routine the spectator is always in the dark (literally and figuratively) but they also make sure that the volunteer gets a loud round of applause. I think you all get the point. So I will stop there. Although I don't really do any sucker routines in my show if I do I will keep this post in mind. Just Thoughts

Noah Levine

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