Rabbi Attempts To Best Magician Blaine's Record Inhabiting Giant Ice Cube

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Postby Guest » 12/28/01 08:48 PM

Fox News tonight showed a glimpse of the geezer mensch through a window in the ice cube. His fingers flicked the edge of his jaunty mustache, wherein a number of ice crystals fell to the floor. Presentation is everything.

Postby Guest » 12/31/01 09:43 AM

FYI, my wife and I spent a lovely day Saturday wandering up and down the Coney Island boardwalk looking for the Frozen Rabbi. As it turns out, he'd knocked off the day before (in time to celebrate the Sabbath), but we managed to duck in to the Brooklyn Aquarium and view the new seahorse exhibit, have lunch at the original Nathan's, watch Russian emigres play serious chess in the freezing cold, and otherwise commune with the seagulls and humans.

We learned we were a day late after asking a cop where we could find the Frozen Rabbi. "Oh, he was finished yesterday." My wife asked, "You mean from the stunt or...for good?"

The rabbi lives.

I wonder what other variants on Blaine standards he practices. (I can just see him leaving congregants rolling in the aisles doing the Pen Thru the Prayer Shawl.)

Happy New Year, all.

Postby Guest » 01/01/02 09:09 AM

I read the article given on magic times and they said he wanted to do it with blaine on his special( as a competition I guess) but they didn't let him. Just clearing up the "varients of blaine standards".

Noah Levine

P.S. god I wish my rabbi did that.

Postby Guest » 01/24/02 08:27 AM

Does anyone know if the rabbi beat Blaine's record? If so, why didn't this get more press? Is it that no one really cared about the Blaine stunt, so why care if someone else does it? :confused:

Postby Guest » 01/24/02 08:59 AM

He lasted 54 hours 54 minutes, but his stunt and Blaine's were apples and oranges; the rabbi stayed in a little shack made out of bags of ice, with a glass window through which to wave at people. According to this article in Jewish Week , the rabbi's stunt qualified for Guinness Book of World Records, but Blaine's didn't. The article doesn't make completely clear whether the rabbi's bid won him an official record.

Postby Guest » 01/24/02 03:34 PM

After going back into many archives it appears that the robust Rabbi DID NOT beat Blaines' icy sensation- which clocked-in @ 62 hours. I also observed that Blaines' icecapade, according to pictures, seemed much more "chilling" (like he was in a see-through tomb), compared to the Rabbi's simple icebag shanty.

David Blaine's iceblock-breaker was a MAJOR HIT with the network (ABC) as well as with the Times Square locals, attracting an ice-fall of 25'000 gawkers tying up traffic in all directions for three days.

One of the "icicles" to "freezing" a major publicity stunt like David's ice-storm is to be the first to do something. (At least in the present generation's perception.) That way you're bound (in this case "ice-bound") to be a success!

(Also, it is my personal belief that a person of color encased in ice is much more appealing than a person of non-color encased in ice... Now, that's what I would call a sure (ice) pick!)

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