30 seconds to POOF BE GONE!!!

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Postby Bizzaro » 01/06/03 04:01 PM

I know a lot of flak was given to 30 seconds to Lame..er Fame when it came on/out with all the good to bad magic acts on there. For now they have stopped showing it. (Which sux as the episode I was on never aired yet. Ah well 30 less seconds on my next promo video.)

Since I haven't been here for a bit and might have missed all the exciting torment about this I am gonna ask anyway.. what did you kids think about that show and what it was doing?

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Postby MaxNY » 01/06/03 08:32 PM

Gimme at least two minutes... The song birds were getting cheers from their selections, not just their voice. To me, the Gong Show had it all, running gags, cutting edge, and enough bad acts to keep you from entering. Every act should tell a story, it's hard to develop plot in thirty seconds. Was this a result of the over abundance of Meth? By limiting the acts to thirty seconds, they eliminated many types of acts.
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