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Postby Jeffrey Cowan » 08/26/02 08:16 AM

Some of you might find of interest that last week I spent
quality time with John Bannon while he was in Los Angeles on business.
John, an old DC buddy, continues to spend too much time practicing law
but says he is almost finished with his latest book (tentatively titled
"Dear Mr. Fantasy"). He showed me an item from the book and
although I had to promise to keep it tight, I am allowed to report that
it kicked my butt and is powerfully commercial. I can also report that
about a year ago I saw John do a forthcoming card routine for laymen at
the Magic Castle while we were hanging out, and it got a mind-blowing
response from two guys who came across as "been there, done that" urbane
businessmen. John's best estimate is that the book will be out by early next year.

By the way, Richard, when are you doing a profile/feature on John?
-- Jeffrey Cowan
Jeffrey Cowan
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Postby Richard Morrell » 08/26/02 10:38 AM


Thats excellent news, I'm a HUGE John Bannon fan, and Impossibilia and Smoke and Mirrors are my two favourite books. I currently use quite a bit of the material including his new 'Last Man Standing' triumph routine, which I assume might be in the new book.

As for a Genii feature I second that motion :)
Richard Morrell
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Postby Jeff Haas » 08/26/02 11:10 AM

That is terrific news! This is one book I've been waiting for.

I also use "Last Man Standing" since John taught it in a lecture at A-1. An excellent effect.

Jeff Haas
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Postby Doug Brewer » 08/29/02 10:03 AM

I unfortunately did not get to see Mr. Bannon at A-1 so I'm not doing his Last Man Standing routine, nor did I get to meet up with him and my buddy Jeffrey Cowan in L.A. (I'm still crying about that miss). However, I can say wholeheartedly that I can't wait for this new book - I've heard nothing but great things about it. Mr. Bannon's previous books were nothing but brilliant.
Doug Brewer
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Postby Robert McDaniel » 08/29/02 11:11 AM

"Dear Mr. Fantasy" is a great title, but what happened to "Cardzilla"? Is this the same book?

I, too, am a big John Bannon fan. I think Paul Harris, John Bannon, and David Regal all share something in common, which is the rare ability to create new and innovative magic effects that the average magician can perform. All three magicians are tops in my book.

Robert M
Robert McDaniel
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