Do you folks know anything about this site?

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Postby Guest » 02/12/07 05:09 PM

My wife sent me this link and I was curious.
Anybody know about them?

Elliot G

Postby Guest » 02/12/07 06:00 PM

Why yes, yes I do.
I don't want my personal feelings to get in the way here, but do the words "Snake oil salesman" get my point across?


Postby Guest » 02/12/07 06:41 PM

That's what I thought.
Thank you.


Postby NCMarsh » 02/13/07 12:14 AM


Would you care to go into specifics about your experience? I may be moving across the country in the fall and they're one of many groups that I'm likely to contact as I try to get a rolling start with work in a new market...


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Postby Guest » 02/13/07 11:01 AM

snake oil salesman??? I know these folks as a very reliable agent. I have been dealing with them for four or five years. I have gotten a lot of birthday shows from them over this time, and never had any problem.

Postby Jeff Haas » 02/13/07 11:54 AM

They're one of two companies that has either optimized their website to appear in the top rankings of Google, or bought Google ads, so that they appear when you do a search for a magician. Try searching Google for "New York Magician" or "Los Angeles Magician" and see what pops up. They're at the top for those regions, and as soon as you get out of the major metro areas, their results are always at the top, too. Try "Rhode Island Magician" to see a different area.

Since they're first and/or prominent in the Google search results in the US, they'll get a lot of phone calls, so if you're listed with them, you can pick up shows (probably mostly birthday parties) for your area.

I've heard varying stories about how good they are to work with.

Jeff Haas
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Postby Guest » 02/13/07 01:33 PM

Jim B.'s post is exactly why I kept my remarks short. Any company can have people who have good relations and bad relations. It just so happens that I, and several others I know in the Greater Toronto Area, have had bad relations.
Does that mean you will have a bad time with them? Of course not, but in my experience you may be more likely to have a bad time.
It is my opinion that you should not be associated with this company, but that is only my opinion. Take it as you will.


Postby Guest » 02/19/07 08:29 PM

Gord... thank you for the belly laugh!

I read that snake oil salesman line and lost it.

About six months ago these guys got hold of me wanting to sign me up. I listened to their pitch and then explained the facts of life to them... they hadn't a clue and the poor kid doing the tele-market calls to talent had no idea what the difference was between a magician and a mentalist let alone why not everyone does kiddie parties (especially for the $50.00 net per gig they offer)

Long story short, these guys are a horrible joke in my book. Surprisingly I know of a couple of folks that have and still do use them, seemingly oblivious as to how a kiss is supposed to be involved in such a relationship... :D

Postby Guest » 02/20/07 03:42 AM

$50 a gig?

I heard about a local fellow who used these guys and when the person said he was bragging about $50 a gig I thought it was just a joke. He was driving an hour one way to shows for just $50? Holey moley.

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