Max Maven to Undergo Heart Surgery Monday

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Postby Richard Kaufman » 04/21/07 09:58 AM

Max Maven found out rather suddenly last Thursday that he needed to have bypass surgery. He's in Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles, feeling pretty good.

His heart is strong and his doctors expect him to make a full recovery.

Unfortunately this means he will miss FFFF, the Collector's Convention in Chicago (where he was scheduled to speak), and also several performances of his one-man show which had been previously scheduled.

Max is online via his laptop while in the hospital and would happy to read your best wishes here.
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Richard Kaufman
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Postby Guest » 04/21/07 10:00 AM

Hoping for a speedy recovery!

Postby Matthew Field » 04/21/07 10:08 AM

Max -- As a guy with five stents, all I can say is all the B.S. you're going through is a lot better than the alternative would have been just a few years ago.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Matt Field
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Matthew Field
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Postby Guest » 04/21/07 10:42 AM

Max, speedy recovery to you! Wishing you back on your feet soon and I'm sending positive thoughts your way!

Paul Pacific

Postby Guest » 04/21/07 10:58 AM

Hope all goes well and you recover quickly. Best wishes.

Postby Dustin Stinett » 04/21/07 11:31 AM

This is a heck of a way to prove to your detractors what many of us have always known: That you do indeed have a heart.

Take care and well see you soon!
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Dustin Stinett
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Postby Guest » 04/21/07 12:24 PM

Max, Here's wishing you a speedy and comfortable recovery!


Postby Guest » 04/21/07 01:11 PM

Max --

I'm praying for you to have a successful operation, to make a speedy recovery, and to enjoy many more healthy years as a result!

All the best,

Postby Pete Biro » 04/21/07 01:55 PM

Phil, er Max... stay tooned... will be looking forward to MANY MORE of you PERKS... get well quick, you're in good hands. :genii:
Stay tooned.
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Pete Biro
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Postby Guest » 04/21/07 02:28 PM


Hamburger Hamlet finally caught-up with you eh? I'm sure the day will come that Tommy's Chili Burgers will catch-up with me.

In all seriousness, I hope everything goes well and wish you the best!

Postby Harry Lorayne » 04/21/07 02:41 PM

Max: What the hell kind of trick is that?! I'm with you inh spirit, buddy. HARRY LORAYNE.
Harry Lorayne
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Postby Guest » 04/21/07 02:49 PM

Wishing you all the best for a SPEEDY recovery, Max. You are in the thoughts of the entire magic community.

Postby Guest » 04/21/07 03:02 PM

Dear Max,
We will toast a few rounds in Chicago to wish you good cheer and a speedy recovery.

Postby Guest » 04/21/07 03:38 PM

Max, could'nt you see this coming??? ;)

In all seriousness, I wish you a full & speedy recovery.

Postby Guest » 04/21/07 04:06 PM

You have NO idea who I am, but without even realizing it, you've been among my "magic-mentors" for years.

Your example has been stellar, Sir. You are one-of-a-kind. We need you, your brain, AND your heart, up and around a.s.a.p.

Here's predicting this thing is basically a formality and you'll breeze through it with the suavitee and aplomb for which you are reknowned.

With ALL Best Wishes for SPEED and EASE in recovery,
David Cox

Postby Philemon » 04/21/07 04:24 PM

That'll teach you to avoid Buffy and her "Mr. Pointy."

Anyway, like everyone before me, here's wishing you a rapid recovery...
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Postby Guest » 04/21/07 05:25 PM

Hi Max, met you in orange county a while back. I have always enjoyed your take on the arts, wish you a speedy and comfortable recovery and get back to work as soon as you are able the community needs you. Thanks Scott B.

Postby Guest » 04/21/07 05:32 PM

I was looking forward to seeing you this week. I hope that your recovery is quick. You are in my thoughts. You still have much good work to do.


Postby Guest » 04/21/07 05:55 PM

Max, you gotta stop eating the Castle Chili at those board meetings!

Seriously, best of luck and care with your procedure. My dad had it (angiogram and plasty with stints) and was a new man. My father in law had a triple by-pass and was really a new man. Amazing recovery.

We will muddle through on Tuesday at the Castle perks but will be expecting you back for the next one. And it really will be about that fast.

Take care.

Kirk Grodske

Postby Bob Farmer » 04/21/07 05:58 PM

Max, make sure you get a PROFESSIONAL heart surgeon.
Bob Farmer
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Postby Guest » 04/21/07 06:05 PM

Talk about a "center tear"!

Best wishes, Max. Get well soon.


Postby Eric DeCamps » 04/21/07 06:15 PM


We send you our best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Celeste & Eric DeCamps
Eric DeCamps
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Postby Guest » 04/21/07 07:37 PM

Max, RK telephoned this morning about your surgery. Best wishes for your complete recovery. All of us older than 50 hear the clock more loudly ticking these days. And perhaps more than ever, magicdom needs your continuing, vital presence and creative output. So, onward...and upward...

Postby Guest » 04/21/07 07:38 PM


You are certainly in the thoughts of many, many fans and admirers. We are all wishing you a fast and comfortable recovery.

Take care of yourself and get well soon.

Mark Phillips

Postby Guest » 04/21/07 07:44 PM

Praying for a speedy recovery.
Get well soon!

Postby Guest » 04/21/07 08:18 PM

Thinking Good thoughts and Best Wishes for a speedy recovery.

Postby Guest » 04/21/07 09:56 PM

Dear Max,

My most positive of thoughts are being sent your way. I hope your recovery is without complication--just like most of your Magic! Good luck!

Warmest regards,

Paul Green

Postby Guest » 04/21/07 11:12 PM

Max, If my Dad can survive this surgery so can you! It's almost an out paitent procedure these day anyway. At least you'll be able to catch up on your reading.

Hope you get better soon.


Postby Guest » 04/21/07 11:16 PM

I send you good wishes from Rome,and hope for your speedy recovering.And I'm also selfishingly speaking,as we still need lots more of your contributions,wit,and humor!

Postby Guest » 04/21/07 11:23 PM

Max- all of the best for a speedy , easy , recovery. I have also been in Cedars for the past few days with a family member, and it's the best place with an incredible staff.

Postby Guest » 04/22/07 12:20 AM

Dear Max,

I know your procedure is on Monday. Would you be available on Wednesday to do a show for our annual banquet? The fee would be our standard $50 & a meal, and you could room with the club treasurer. Please let me know ASAP.

All kidding aside, Charlene and I will be thinking of you, and wish you a speedy recovery.

All the best,


Postby Guest » 04/22/07 12:59 AM

Hi Max !

Get well soon !

Postby Guest » 04/22/07 01:30 AM


Don't waste too much time in Bed, Get out and get well ASAP!
All the VERY best for Belgium,

Postby Marco Pusterla » 04/22/07 03:31 AM


Good luck and get well soon. All best wishes from the UK.

Marco Pusterla -
Marco Pusterla -

Ye Olde Magic Mag: magic history and collecting magazine.
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Marco Pusterla
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Postby Guest » 04/22/07 03:52 AM

Welcome to the Clock Club,I'd have it done again.
Good luck.

Postby Guest » 04/22/07 03:58 AM

To a speedy recovery from a tremendous fan of yours!
Best Wishes.


Postby Bob Kentner » 04/22/07 05:39 AM

Best wishes. I hope you make a speedy recovery.

Bob Kentner
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Postby Guest » 04/22/07 07:15 AM


Positive thoughts are sent your way to a successful procedure and full recovery. Hope to see you in Atlantic City soon.

Charlie Martin

Postby Guest » 04/22/07 07:16 AM

Hi Max,

Your best effect would be a speedy recovery...


Postby Guest » 04/22/07 07:45 AM

Hi Max:
Was looking forward to seeing you in Chicago and hearing another of your always interesting talks. Sorry to hear this had to be done, but they did the 'complete number' on me ten years ago and all's been well since; it's worth it. We'll all be thinking of you in Chicago and, who knows, I just might be prevailed upon to join Matt in that drink! Here's to a quick recovery... Cheers! -Jim Alfredson


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