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Postby Pete Biro » 01/30/05 10:58 AM

Wow... "A New World" produced by Dean Dill and Michael Weber is soooo coooool... Got mine last weekend at the Csatle Dealer day, and I gotta say these are the slickest cards yet.

Sure you can do a perfect version of Curry's Out of this World... one pile each color and you can't miss... NO STACK.

And the no-memory ideas on the Aronson Stack are a bonus for those that use that kind of material.

Dean and Mike supply a couple of different ways to get into the OoTW segment, which is great as you show mixed cards, shuffle 'em and then the spek deals.

You can get this NOW at www.deandill.com

stay tooned...

Er, I mean "BE tooned" :genii:
Stay tooned.
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