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Postby Philippe Noël » 04/17/02 09:23 AM

Does anyone know why Bruce Elliott's book "Classic Secrets of Magic" has never been reprinted?

Philippe Nol
Philippe Noël
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 04/17/02 04:02 PM

It's been reprinted any number of times! It is easy to find from any dealer of used magic books and it won't cost you much at all.
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Richard Kaufman
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Postby Paul Green » 04/17/02 04:14 PM

This is an excellent book. Along with THE AMATEUR MAGICIAN'S HANDBOOK, I consider this to be one of the better neopyhte's books. It is filled with some great routines.

You cannot go wrong having it in you library.


Paul Green
Paul Green
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Postby Pete McCabe » 04/18/02 12:11 AM


Perhaps you have been thrown off by the fact that it was reprinted under a new title: "Great Secrets of the Master Magicians."

My Collier Books version was reprinted in 1975 and has a list price of $1.50, which I personally consider the greatest bargain in the history of magic. I bought mine used for, I think, $6 from H&R Magic Books, and it's still just about the best bargain in magic even at that lofty price.
Pete McCabe
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Postby Philippe Noël » 04/18/02 11:12 AM

Thank you for your help.
Well, it has indeed been reprinted many times!!!
Philippe Noël
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Postby Guest » 04/18/02 07:28 PM

Just wanted to chime in here to say that I, too, LOVE my four Bruce Elliot books!

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