Criss was on Stern this morning

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Postby MaxNY » 08/22/05 07:46 PM

Criss made a stop to the Stern show this morning. He swallowed floss, then pulled it from his eye. Stern tried to convince him that he was going to go blind. Then they brought in girls from the NYC Go Go bar,Scores, and there was a mentalist prediction of a number that was secretly written on the girl's Go Go's. The chicks were all up night, loaded with drink, Howard almost lost control. Criss's prediction was correct. Everyone got what they wanted. It was during the goodbyes, one of the chicks kept challenging Criss to "freak her"...Hard to imagine Stern loosing control. I have been listening to him since Donna Fadouchbag landed in the Hudson (1980?), and have never heard him loose contol. Poor Criss, was even mentioned in the same sentence as "that other guy...David"...egging him on to "freak her"...Criss in control presented the fork bending stuff that he does so well, got another plug, end of segment.
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