Ricky Jay for $25?

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Postby Guest » 09/25/01 08:36 PM

Just found-out that Ricky Jay will be giving a talk/answering questions at NYC's Town Hall on October 4th, 8:00pm.

Tickets are $25.00 (and you don't have to stand in a line out in the cold for four hours to buy them - yet!)

Here is the note I found on the web:

Thurs, Oct. 4 at 8 PM
SFX Entertainment presents
Tickets: $25 available at The Town Hall Box Office or through Ticketmaster

You can check it out at:

Town Hall

Postby Matthew Field » 09/26/01 09:58 AM

It's Ricky Jay and David Mamet talking about their new books. No magic.

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Postby Michael Edwards » 09/26/01 11:13 AM

Of course, Ricky Jay's new book does contain some interesting thoughts, information and analysis related to magic's history. The issue focusing on suspensions and levitations ("Suspensions of Disbelief"), the issue on John Henry Anderson ("The Wizard of the North and the Aztec Lilliputians") and the segment on crucifixion and the Blackstone show in "Fact and Crucifixion" certainly come to mind...though conjurers and the conjuring arts were -- and are -- well-woven among the throughout the sixteen issues of
Jay's Journal of Anomalies that have now been reprinted as a complete set. It should be noted that this "book" version does contain some new material and illustrations that were not included in the original quarterly.

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