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Postby Guest » 05/22/06 09:53 PM

Today's New York Post (Monday May 22,2006) reports that families of 9/11 survivors are blasting another relative's decision to let a film crew from P&T'ers irreverent cable show inside the World Trade Center's Family Room. Jack Lynch wrote an Email last week outraged that this sacred Family room was " so violated in so despicable a manner." Lynch, whose firefighter son died at the WTC, called the intrusion into the Family Room- a santuary in a tower overlooking Ground Zero--"unforgivable". There are rules barring the public and the media. Family members have requested a place where they can mourn and pay respects without being gawked at or filmed by tourists and the press. P&T'ers film crew was accompanied by Anthony Gardiner a member of the World Trade Center Family Advisory Council.
---Shame on Penn and Teller...May the ringing and the unpleasant ear pain remind you (Penn) throughout the day that you are not a good man. You are evil, and a broken toy. There are parts to your psyche that desire attention SO BAD, that you have embarrassed yourself beyond hope.
---From the backstage, crib type shows that you have been on, it seems to me that some of your heros (Dylan, Big Al), have all had their heyday with mind altering substances, yet you have said that you never drink, or do drugs... Penn, maybe now is a good time to start self medicating thy self. How can you take another day of those little earmites running around, scratching for attention, throwing off your balance, your judgement, and your ability to reason?

Postby Kevin Williams » 05/22/06 10:00 PM


Did you see the show?
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Postby Dustin Stinett » 05/22/06 10:12 PM

Obviously I cannot begin to relate to what these folks are feeling. If rules regarding access to the room were violated, that certainly should be addressed. However, as a viewer, I thought the show was nothing but very respectful of the room, the WTC 9/11 victims and their families. P&Ts outrage was directed only at the bureaucratic mess the rebuilding of the WTC and the surrounding area is suffering.

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Postby Guest » 05/22/06 10:22 PM

Originally posted by MaxNY:
There are rules barring the public and the media.
P&T'ers film crew was accompanied by Anthony Gardiner a member of the World Trade Center Family Advisory Council.
Not having other than basic cable I have no idea what was filmed, or shown on TV or in what context. But I have to ask...

Was Mr. Gardiner unaware of these rules? If they were not supposed to be there why then did they have (what sounds like) an official escort?

Postby Guest » 05/22/06 10:54 PM

I cannot imagine how horrific it was for the victims of the terrorist on 9/11 but there is a 'sacred room'? What next? A ban on non family members from entering whatever NYC comes up with to do where the WTC sat? They may have asked for a room but that didn't mean they were told it was sacred and shut off from everyone else. The people who lost folks at WTC suffered no more of a personal loss than those in Oklahoma City or any other violent sudden death. Before anyone makes any 'you don't know anyone that was there' my dads step daughter was in the WTC at the time and got out.
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Postby David Scollnik » 05/22/06 10:57 PM

There is a link to a related WTC article on P&T's website:

Specifically, ... 9657c.html

That episode may explain why they were at the WTC Family Room.
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Postby Guest » 05/23/06 05:00 AM

I don't get Showtime, so I have'nt seen any Bull$hit. The WTC dog and pony show are in the papers every day. It is a good example of "too many cooks..." If there was one thing that was agreed on, "a safe room", then respect the families, and the room. The Director had fifteen other shots to shoot from, why that one? Because Penn likes to cross the line for publicity sake.

Postby Guest » 05/23/06 10:23 AM

An uninformed opinon? On THESE BOARDS???

This has to be the most retarded post I've ever read on these forums. It's obvious you didn't watch the show. They take the time to point out that the mourning area for these families has been relegated to a small back office room. They feel that the families should have more space for rememberance.

I can appreciate the fact that some people complain simply for the sake of complaining, but give me a break. You are also about 2 weeks too late to post your uninformed opinion. Perhaps you're only acting like you dislike the show because the NY Post told you to?

I work across the street from Ground Zero and while I tend to disagree with some of their opinions, I supported their show on it 100%.

Postby Dustin Stinett » 05/23/06 10:38 AM

Im going to put a stop to this now: It has nowhere to go but down. This thread is locked.
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