Jerry Sadowitz Interview

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Postby Guest » 04/15/04 12:43 PM

Here is a revealing and interesting interview about a man who is one of the finest card technicians alive.

Postby John McDonald » 04/15/04 01:35 PM

Thanks for the link. Jerry is without doubt one of the best card men in the world. I have only ever found him courteous and kind. In the flesh he is totally unlike the bad boy image he projects. ;)
Best John
John McDonald
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Postby Guest » 04/15/04 01:36 PM

That was terribly, terribly sad.

Postby Guest » 04/16/04 06:51 AM

Excellent journalism though. Superb piece by a terrific writer.

Postby Terry » 04/17/04 05:34 AM

Thought the picture was of Howard Stern.
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Postby Matthew Field » 04/17/04 08:25 AM

Many thanks for the link.

Sadowitz is a brilliant magician and a deeply disturbed human being. I've had an on-again-off-again relationship with him.

When I move to England I hope to meet him. He'll either shake my hand or pop me in the nose.

I wish him only peace of mind.

Matt Field
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Matthew Field
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Postby Guest » 04/17/04 08:46 AM

Surely you are not moving to England permanently?
Perhaps Sadowitz is not the only person who is "deeply disturbed".
Still, it has it's good points. I am no longer there.
They might buy your mice too. It has hardly been seen over there.

Postby Guest » 04/19/04 05:48 PM

Thanks Mike for alerting us to the Sadowitz interview. He is indeed one of the greatest cardmen alive today. In addition to being an incredible technician, I feel he is one of the greatest creators of card magic we have. Cardmen should study everything that appears under his name. I must also agree with Mr. McDonald--I have always found Jerry to be extrememly nice, modest and very generous.

Postby Gordon Bean » 04/19/04 09:31 PM

We are all very lucky to have Jerry Sadowitz contributing to the advancement of creative, artistic magic. I've always greatly enjoyed my meetings with him and wish that some Los Angeles TV producer would cough up huge amounts of cash to force him to sell out and move here.
Gordon Bean
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Postby Guest » 04/19/04 11:56 PM

I think that is an excellent idea. Lots of opportunity for his magic.
Not for his comedy though. Americans are even more prudish than the Brits. He would be finished before he opened his mouth.
It's a good idea though. He could have a completely fresh start. His bad reputation would be left behind in the UK.

Postby Guest » 04/20/04 03:01 AM

As I have previously posted here, I knew Jerry many years ago when he lived in New Jersey. We spent many hours "doing cards."

I was wonderful seeing him develop original and unique material...during his formative years. His correspondence, even then, was identical to his stylized "Crimp."

Even though I visited his home and saw "behind the curtain" I only have wonderful and enjoyable memories of earlier times. Jerry is obviously willing to share his past and inner thoughts. I give him credit for that.

Postby Terry » 04/20/04 05:24 AM

Americans are even more prudish than the Brits. He would be finished before he opened his mouth.

Would agree to a point.

If Jerry appeared in a comedy club with his act, it would be accepted. On TV, you are correct, it would not fly.
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Postby Guest » 04/23/04 05:09 PM

I have had the pleasure of being Jerry Sadowitz's publisher right from the beginning. The first book that he and Peter Duffie authored was produced by me countless years ago. It was called Alternative Card Magic and it caused a storm. Even Jeff Busby described it as the card magic book of the decade. I published several other books by Jerry and Peter Duffie and then both of them split up their friendship and I published their solo books for several years. All of the material ended up in a book called Card Zones and that heralded the end of my friendship with Jerry. I discussed the book with Jerry and told him the title and how it would include all of the material that I had previously published by him and Peter Duffie. The only complaint that he had was the title, Card Zones and I told him that it would be difficult to change the title as the book had already been set and had the title on every other page. In front of witnesses at a magic circle function he shrugged his shoulders and repeated that he didn't really like the title. On publication I sent copies to Peter Duffie and Jerry Sadowitz. Peter's reaction was a letter of praise and Jerry's a fax from his solicitor. The battle with Jerry followed and numerous letters from his lawyer were received. I had kept all of my correspondance with Jerry and Peter and all of the material included in the book was my copyright because I had purchased it from the authors and had confirmed each time by letter that I was purchasing the copyright from the two authors. Jerry hadn't kept his copies of the letters. There was no argument with Peter Duffie but Jerry disputed my ownership of his material. It was a messy affair and sadly my friendship with Jerry ended. He is one of the most talented card workers and creators that I have ever met and I have immense respect for his ability. After the publication of Card Zones he told me quite clearly, "I don't want the book published." And my reply was simply that I owned the material and that it was published and there was nothing that could be done. I found the article that sparked this series of comments to be really interesting indeed. It explained a lot about Jerry Sadowitz that I didn't know and it gave hints as to the reasons behind his anger with the world and the world of magic and in particular magic publishers. When I met Jerry and Peter they were young magicians battling to sell a manuscript at a convention. I took on the book and perhaps helped Jerry and Peter to become international names. Twenty years ago I paid these two then unknown names the equivalent of what I probably earned from magic in one month. Twenty years later it seems like a pittance and that is probably the reason for Jerry's anger towards me. Jerry is an angry yet talented man and I hope that one day we will resolve our problems and become friends again. It is unlikely but it would be wonderful if the anger over this book - and it is only a book - could be resolved.

Postby Guest » 05/11/04 03:59 AM

There's another Jerry Sadowitz interview in today's Independent newspaper. The interview concentrates mainly on his comedy and his current tour of Scotland, but it does touch on his magic. Whilst I don't agree with some of his comments, Sadowitz comes across as an honest, intelligent guy in this interview, and he has an obvious passion for magic, which is to be commended. ... ory=520008

Postby pduffie » 05/11/04 04:39 AM

Quote from article:

"Trust is the key issue for any venture with Sadowitz. He can be generous, yes, as evidenced by the helping hand he gave fellow magician Derren Brown. But he doesn't suffer fools or the rampantly ambitious gladly; he cites Ben Elton and the US card conjuror Richard Kaufman, his "nemesis" in the magic world, as examples of the latter."
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 05/11/04 06:53 AM

Didn't know that I was his "nemesis."
Sounds almost as looney as Jeff Busby.
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Postby Steve Bryant » 05/11/04 07:56 AM

It sounds like something out of Batman. You need a costume. I suppose "head Genii" might work, but "publisher of the Gene Maze card book" doesn't lend itself to much of a look.
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Postby Guest » 07/08/07 12:16 AM

This is an old topic but I found it while doing some searches.

This is an interesting interview. I knew nothing of Jerry until I read it. Ive read none of his material, but now I am looking forward to reading his stuff.

Postby Guest » 07/08/07 05:25 AM

Jerry will once again be performing at this year's Edinburgh Festival Fringe.
Catch his 'Comedian, Magician, Psychopath' show during August if you happen to be visiting 'Bonnie Scotland' at that time.

Comedian, Magician, Psychopath


Postby Guest » 07/08/07 08:05 AM

As will the Genii Forum's very own Ian Kendall (or is that Peter Wyngarde???)

Book early to avoid disappointment.

Ian Kendall\'s Magic Show

Postby Guest » 07/08/07 12:17 PM

Ian's homepage with clever vid:
click here

And click here for Ian's schedule at the Festival in 2007.

Postby Guest » 07/08/07 12:41 PM

really good website. so simple, yet does all it needs to and no more.

Postby Steve Cook » 07/16/07 12:16 AM

Jerry Sadowitz is an enigma. He looks as though he's just stepped out of the pages of a Dickens novel. Magic needs people like Jerry; he should be a massive star, just as Ken brooke should have been a massive star. Will it happen? Hmmm...
There is only one other person in the world of magic with Jerry's complexity and dark mystique,
and that's Ricky Jay (in my opinion). Their whole persona grips you by the throat before they've actually done anything magical. Jerry is
a highly talented and creative individual. Angry?
Frustrated? Maybe. I feel there's so much more to Jerry and, so much more that Jerry wants to give. A couple of years ago, I saw him dem his 'Cards to Pocket'. It was a thing of beauty!
I walked away thinking, this guy is a real artist! Bless you Jerry.
Steve Cook
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