Upcoming Lectures Sept - Dec. 2005

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Postby Danny Archer » 08/31/05 03:57 PM

Hi All,

Below are lectures booked through the Magicians Lecture Network from now thru the years end. 99% will take place at the local magic shop or IBM/SAM groups in the named cities ... If you need more info, please e-mail me ...

Please come out and support these unique and talanted individuals by attending their lectures.

If your group is not getting the best lectures please have you lecture chairperson contact me at lecturenet@aol.com

Thanks, Danny Archer

September 2005
11 Melbourne, FL Tim Sonefelt

27 Boston, MA Jamy Ian Swiss

13 NY, NY Tannens Garrett Thomas

October 2005

Dan Fleshman

17 Denver, CO
18 Colorado Springs, CO
19 Ft. Collins, CO

22 Magic Inc.
23 Madison, WI
26 Milwaukee, WI

Joshua Jay
5 Baltimore, MD
6 Richmond, VA
7 Newport News, VA

9 Roanoke VA

10 Raleigh, NC
11 Wilmington, NC

15 Hickory, NC
16 Myrtle Beach, SC
17 travel day
18 Huntsville, AL
19 Birmingham, AL
20 Atlanta, Ga Lynn

24 Memphis, TN
25 Clarksville, TN
26 Nashville workshop
27 Nashville, TN
28 Cinn, OH


Joshua Jay

1 Detroit, MI
2 Grand Rapids, MI
3 Indianapolis, IN
4 Chicago, IL Midwest Magic
5 Chicago, IL Magic Inc.

8 KC, MO
10 CO Springs, CO
13 MINDvention Las Vegas, NV
14 MINDvention Las Vegas, NV
15 MINDvention Las Vegas, NV
16 Las Vegas, NV
18 SLC, UT workshop and lecture


Joshua Jay
1 Sarasota, Fl
2 Tallahasse, FL
4 Melborne, FL

5 Boca Raton, FL
6 Naples, FL
8 Jax. FL
9 Orlando, FL
Producer of MINDvention
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