Nelson and Simon Revisited

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Postby Kevin Wiese » 02/11/03 10:07 AM

Anyone know who's publishing Earl Nelson's "Variations Revisited" and "Versatile Card Magic Revisited" by Frank Simon? I hadn't heard much about these books being reworked and am not really familiar with the Simon book at all.

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Postby Dustin Stinett » 02/11/03 10:31 AM

Mike Caveney's Magic Words:
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Postby Guest » 02/11/03 09:42 PM


Don't tell Doomo..his head will swell and I'll never get his hat on him...

"The original text has been corrected and expanded, there are 270 new, crystal-clear photographs, the new size allows it to lay flat on the table for ease of study and there is an entire section of brand new material. It is here you will find the incredible Miller Variable Placement. Upon seeing Earl perform this versatile move, some of the most knowledgable magicians in the business called it revolutionary."

I love my old man...he is something else...

I love Earl Nelson too..but don't tell Doomo that either!!

Postby Bill Duncan » 02/11/03 09:50 PM

Both great books.

I'm hoping someone will post a detailed list of what new material is in them. I have the originals but they're such great books that I almost want the new editions too.
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