Cirque du Soleil Takes on Magic in Vegas ( Criss Angel ? )

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Postby Guest » 07/07/06 02:27 PM

2 snippets from Robin Leach ...

"But first, our May 22 Luxe Life 'Elvis Cirque' scoop (click here) has been completely confirmed by Cirque's Creative Director Gilles Ste-Croix
(pictured with Sgt. Pepper). He also revealed there may even be a seventh and eigth Cirque show in Vegas after the troupe's Elvis show (its sixth) debuts at the new MGM Project City Center in 2009. He told me: "The Beatles will be followed by our Elvis show. The magic show is not fully confirmed yet, but maybe unofficially. We had been contemplating doing magic before
"O" came along even, but we never had the opportunity or the right mixture yet. Just like one day we will do an ice show. I always liked ice-skating so maybe we will that as well. That could be the ninth show" "


"Steve believes that Cirque will be pushed by MGM to speed up the pace of its planned magic show that Luxe Lifve revealed during the early 'LOVE' interviews with creator Giles Ste-Croix -- click here for that exclusive --
so that it can be opened early next year at the Luxor. "


Last I heard was Criss Angel was in discussions with Cirque - will be interesting to see whether they go for a 'headliner' ( which would be very unusual for them ) or produce a generic magic show ...

Anyone have any insider news :-)

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