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Postby Guest » 03/20/02 09:15 AM

I see that Murphy's Magic is advertising a new bound vol. 1 of Pabular magazine. This is coming out at the same time that Martin Breese has a CD-ROM containing all of Pabular. Martin assures me he bought the rights to Pabular and the book is being published without permission.

Why does this sort of thing happen as often as it does in magic? I wish it didn't. I'm sure Richard Kaufman has had to struggle with similar problems over the years.


Postby Guest » 03/21/02 04:55 PM

I appreciate Robin's attitude in the matter of the Pabular rip-off. I can't be bothered to take legal action against Rabbi Sam Gringras but as virtually every magic magazine everywhere has refused his advertising I think he has been forced to think hard about whether he should purchase rights to books and magazines or just take them from those who own them. It is sad that Murphys continue to sell this pirate volume of Pabular. Many dealers including H & R Books and Hank Lee will not be selling this and I thank them and all those who have supported me in my campaign.

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