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Postby Scott » 08/14/02 05:48 PM

Anyone been watching this Fox series? Magicians seem to be taking a real beating.

Anyone from here tried out for it?
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Postby Mark Jensen » 08/14/02 08:12 PM

I've watched the series and there have been several magicians on the show. One made it to the finals (didn't win). Several got "Eliminated"...but I think a point they should realize is that they have only 30 seconds to impress the audience. Doing stupid lame tricks ain't going to cut it. It needs to be visual, amazing and fast paced. The magician who made it to the finals (Dan Birch (SP) I think) did doves and then dove cage to puppy (emotional hook). I thought his act in the finals was weaker (floricent (sp) light through balloon, broke balloon to produce a dove).

I think this does make a great mental exercise for those of us on the forum. What material could you do in 30 seconds that would blow the audience away, win them over, etc?

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Postby Guest » 08/15/02 08:06 AM

I think that a 30 second version of Metamorphosis would guarantee a win.
Now that would be a hard act to follow.

Postby Randy DiMarco » 08/15/02 08:16 AM

Robert Baxt was on last night but he didn't do magic. He did plate spinning.
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