Strolling Magician wanted for fundraiser this Saturday (Los Angeles)

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Postby Guest » 04/28/05 09:14 AM

11:00AM till 4:00PM this Saturday, April 30th.
Westside Waldorf School
1229 Fourth Street (x Wilshire and Arizona)
Santa Monica, CA

This is a really fun event with live music, food, crafts, games, wandering fairies, magical characters, etc. They are expecting 500 families to attend based on attendance at past Faires. (Great contact possibilities!) The Faire is located outdoors in a courtyard and on the school's playground. There is also a Silent Auction going on indoors. The idea is to have a magician (or magicians) for an hour or more wandering through the faire doing magic up close for small groups of people. I wish I could say that this was anything but a volunteer opportunity, but it is pure volunteerism! For the love of Magic! For the love of Spring! For the love of our tuition assistance program!!!

Please contact Buzz Hays at for further information.


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